USB redrivers & multiplexers for robust system design

Improve your USB signal integrity and optimize signal routing

We offer complete USB 2.0, USB 3.x, USB Type-C™ and USB Type-C ALT mode redrivers and multiplexers (muxes) to provide you with scalable solutions to improve USB signal integrity. Our USB redrivers and muxes enable robust system performance with efficient signal routing. Our devices can be used in any application that has a USB interface including enterprise and communication systems, industrial, automotive and personal electronics.

USB 2.0 redrivers & muxes

Industry's first USB 2.0 redrivers and low-power muxes provide robust and low-latency signal conditioning and switching solutions on a USB 2.0 interface to enable instant USB 2.0 compliance, extend signal reach and optimize signal routing

USB 3.x redrivers & muxes

USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 redrivers and muxes support 5-Gbps and 10-Gbps USB signals and enable better signal strength with improved system performance and efficient signal routing

USB Type-C™ redrivers & muxes

High performance and low-power consumption USB Type-C redriver and muxes deliver data and video over USB Type-C interface for all USB Type-C application needs

Featured USB signal conditioners & switches


Automotive USB 2.0 high-speed signal conditioner that can drive a cable up to 5 meters in length


High-performance and ultralow-power linear redriver for USB 3.2 supporting SuperSpeedPlus (10 Gbps)


USB Type-C DP ALT mode linear redriver crosspoint switch with DisplayPort 1.4 up to 10 Gbps

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