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High-Frequency Multi-Mode Synchronous Rectifier Controller



UCC24612 is a high performance synchronous rectifier controller and driver for standard and logic-level N-channel MOSFET power devices. By implementing a near-ideal diode emulation UCC24612 reduces losses of the output rectifier and indirectly the primary side losses. The drain to source (VDS) sensing control scheme allows UCC24612 to work with multiple topologies, such as Active Clamp Flyback, QR/DCM/CCM Flyback and LLC, et.

Integrated features simplify the design effort, enabling UCC24612 to excel in a variety of applications and frequencies. The wide operating VDD and VD voltage ranges enable simple implementation in systems with outputs up to 28 V. Efficiency and noise immunity is enhanced with adaptive minimum off-time. Variants UCC24612-1 and UCC24612-2 offer different minimum on-times to provide additional noise immunity. Robust operation in continuous conduction mode (CCM) is further enhanced with proportional gate-drive and CCM cycle limit pre-turn-off.

UCC24612 has multiple features that improve efficiency. The fast comparator with short propagation delays reduces switching loss. The 9.5-V gate drive clamp reduces MOSFET driving losses. Frequency dependent standby modes further decreases standby power. These features help UCC24612 be part of a greater system that meets stringent efficiency standards such as Department of Energy (DoE) Level VI and Code of Conduct (CoC) Tier 2.

UCC24612 is available in a SOT23-5 package.


  • Supports Topologies such as Active Clamp Flyback, QR, DCM, CCM Flyback and LLC
  • MOSFET VDS Sensing up to 230 V
  • Operating Frequency Up to 1 MHz
    • 1 MHz for UCC24612-1
    • 800 kHz for UCC24612-2
  • Wide VDD Range Allows for Direct Bias from 5-V to 28-V Output Systems
  • 4-A Sink, 1-A Source Gate Driver with Proportional Gate Drive
  • Adaptive Minimum Off-time for Increased Noise Immunity
  • Cycle Limit Pre-Turn-off Improves Efficiency in CCM
  • High or Low-Side Configurable
  • Automatic Light-Load and Sleep-Mode Management with 320-µA standby current
  • 16-ns Typical Turnoff Propagation Delay
  • 9.5-V Gate Drive Clamp for Reduced Driving Loss

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Frequency (Max) (kHz)
UVLO thresholds on/off (V)
Operating temperature range (C)
Package Group
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
UCC24612 UCC24610 UCC24630 UCC24636
1000     600     200     130    
4.5/4     4.4/4.2     4/3.6     4/3.6    
  SYNC pin for CCM     Compatible with CCM     USB Type-C Compatible    
-40 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 125    
SOT-23 | 5     SOIC | 8
SON | 8    
SOT-23 | 6     SOT-23 | 6    
5SOT-23: 8 mm2: 2.8 x 2.9 (SOT-23 | 5)     8SOIC: 29 mm2: 6 x 4.9 (SOIC | 8)
See datasheet (SON)    
6SOT-23: 8 mm2: 2.8 x 2.9 (SOT-23 | 6)     6SOT-23: 8 mm2: 2.8 x 2.9 (SOT-23 | 6)