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Educator Track - A.M.

All presentations are in PDF format

Paper Title



Introducing the 'TMS320C54X DSP Teaching Kit...Getting started teaching DSP just got easier (281 KB)

Christina Peterson

Texas Instruments, Inc.

Introducing the TMS320C6211-DSk - Jump-Start your fixed-point, low-cost, high-performance development environment (632 KB)

Richard Faust

Texas Instruments, Inc.

TMS320F243 DSK - Optimized for Digital Motor Control (380 KB)

Justin Rosenbaum

Texas Instruments, Inc.

Educator Track Agenda (618 KB)

Maria Ho

Texas Instruments, Inc.

VAB TM Interactive Graphical Design Software for Texas Instruments University Program (31.6 KB)

Jim Zachman

Hyperception, Inc.

DSP First: What Next? (2.13 MB)

Mark Yoder

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

TI DSP University Research Program Agenda (764 KB)

Torrence Robinson

Texas Instruments, Inc.