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Telecom Symposium

All presentations are in PDF format

Paper Title



Evolution from Voiceband to Broadband Internet Access (58.3 KB)

Murtaza Ali

DSPS R&D Center, Texas Instruments

VDSL: The Next Step in the DSL Progression (561 KB)

Krista Jacobsen

Broadband Access Group, San Jose, Texas Instruments

An Extended Gatherer-Polley Method for OFDM and DMT Peak Power Reduction (79.3 KB)

Douglas L. Jones

University of Illinois, Visiting professor at Rice University

Cable Modem Technology for Broadband Internet Access and Future Services

Ofir Shalvi and Noam Geri

Cable Broadband Communication Business Unit, Texas Instruments (previously Libit)

Software Optimization Techniques for Real-time Applied Adaptive Filtering using the TMS320C6201 Digital Signal Processor (54 KB)

Mike Hart, Naim Dahnoun, and F. Umbarila

University of Bristol, U.K.

Home Phoneline Networking and Spectral Compatibility with xDSL Services (2.58 MB)

Don Shaver

DSPS R&D Center, Texas Instruments

Spectral Optimization for Symmetric Bit-rate Communications in the Presence of Crosstalk (325 KB)

Rohit Gaikwad and Richard Baraniuk

Rice University