Space & High Reliability

Space & High Reliability Power Management Products

The industry's smallest, most innovative solutions to power your next mission.


Leading-edge QML Class V and radiation hardness assured (RHA) products qualified for space flight.

Enhanced products

Industry’s largest portfolio of rugged ICs, crafted for harsh environments from -55 to 125°C.

QML & high temperature

Ceramic, QML Class Q and high temperature (up to 210°C) products for military and industrial applications.



Radiation Hardened Wide Vin 1.5 Amp Low Dropout Regulator with Built-in VREF


Radiation Hardened 1.6 to 6.3 V Input, 6 Amp Synchronous Buck Converter


Radiation Hardened Wide Vin 2.3 to 20Vin, 1.5 Amp Low Dropout Regulator

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Radiation Hardened Power Management Solution for Space FPGAs (PDF 36.4KB)

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