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Offline (ZIP) Installer


ACTIVE v3.4.1  09-SEP-2016  Piccolo, Delfino and Concerto drivers, libraries, BOMs, demos, schematics and code examples, etc. 

Web (EXE) Installer


ACTIVE v3.4.1  09-SEP-2016  Piccolo, Delfino and Concerto drivers, libraries, BOMs, demos, schematics and code examples, etc. 


controlSUITETM for C2000TM microcontrollers is a cohesive set of software infrastructure and software tools designed to minimize software development time. From device-specific drivers and support software to complete system examples in sophisticated system applications, controlSUITETM provides libraries and examples at every stage of development and evaluation. Go beyond simple code snippits - jump start your real-time system with real-world software.

controlSUITE now includes powerSUITE for digital power designers!

If the online controlSUITE executable installer does NOT work, please download the controlSUITE ZIP package below under the “Support Software” section. The ZIP package will contain all of the necessary packages to install controlSUITE. Simply extract the ZIP package to a local folder and then run the “controlSUITE.msi” executable. After a successful installation, you can delete all of the extracted contents from the ZIP package. controlSUITE™ Provides Solutions
I never know if I am aware of every resource that's available Install controlSUITE™ once and it delivers a comprehensive package of every resource available for your device or application
I am never sure I am using the latest version of software, or if something completely new has been released controlSUITE™ can automatically or manually synchronize with a central repository, keeping you up to date with the latest revisions or newest offerings
My current vendor provides resources that are a) good, but expensive b) free, but aren't properly supported c) licensed, and won't provide source Everything in controlSUITE™ is completely free, meticulously documented, under version control, and nearly 100% open source on all software and hardware
I like to explore a system example, then tweak to my needs vs. I like to build my application from the ground up, bit by bit. controlSUITE™ offers the complete solution, with 4 levels of hardware abstraction, libraries, software examples, full systems, and GUIs you can jump in at any level depending on your experience and comfort.

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  • Centralized, interactive, software repository for everything C2000
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for intuitive navigation of software, development kits, libraries, user guides, application notes, and more.
    • Auto-loading of Code Composer Studio example projects
  • Device software and support
    • Access header files, Flash API, Boot ROM source code
    • Example projects
    • Device-specific documentation
    • Block Diagrams
    • Online Resources
  • Kit software and support
    • Kit overviews
    • Example projects with modular builds to guide users through development
    • Documentation – Quick Start Guides (QSG), Hardware Guides, Application Guides, and more
    • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Complete hardware developers packages featuring schematics, BOM, gerber files, and source code
  • Libraries
    • Application specific libraries – Motor control, digital power
    • Math libraries – IQMath™, CLA, Floating Point
    • DSP libraries – Fixed and floating point
    • Signal Generation Libraries
    • Flash API and Boot ROM
    • All including example projects
  • Datasheets and User Guides
  • Application Notes
  • Training and Support
    • C2000 Workshops and offering dates
    • Online Training
    • C2000 Wiki Access
    • Videos
    • E2E Online Support Forum
    • C2000 Teaching Materials
  • Code Composer Studio IDE overview and download
  • 3rd party Developer's Network

Don’t forget about MotorWare

  • InstaSPIN-FOC & InstaSPIN-MOTION motor solutions
  • Software, docs, training, & support
  • Object oriented APIs

Technical Documents
Application notes (1)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 1434 15 Nov 2011 5,461
User guides (1)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 21 05 Feb 2011 7,252
More literature (4)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 716 01 Apr 2015 2,373
PDF 1345 23 May 2014 3,660
WMV 53487 08 Jul 2010 1,368
WMV 40108 08 Jul 2010 548

Reference Designs (2)

TI Devices (42)

Part Number Name Product Family
F28M35E20B  Concerto Microcontroller  Control + Automation 
F28M35H22C  Concerto Microcontroller  Control + Automation 
F28M35H52C  Concerto Microcontroller  Control + Automation 
F28M35M20B  Concerto Microcontroller  Control + Automation 
F28M35M22C  Concerto Microcontroller  Control + Automation 
F28M35M52C  Concerto Microcontroller  Control + Automation 
TMS320C28342  Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320C28344  Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320C28345  Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320C28346  Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28020  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F280200  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28021  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28022  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28023  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28026  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28027  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28030  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28031  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28032  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28033  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28034  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28035  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28052F  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-FOC  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28052M  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-MOTION  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28054F  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-FOC  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28054M  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-MOTION  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28062  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28065  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28066  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28067  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28069  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28075  Piccolo Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28332  Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28334  Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28335  Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28374S  Single-Core Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28375S  Single-Core Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28376D  Dual-Core Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28376S  Single-Core Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28377D  Dual-Core Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28377S  Single-Core Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
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