Small Cell Base Station Software

TI provides a complete Small Cell Base Station SoftwarePac to ease customers’ programming efforts and enable them to focus on differentiation. TI provides a rich platform of foundational software and optimized physical layer software, together with world class development partners, delivering a complete software solution optimized for TI’s KeyStone™ multicore architecture. The Base Station SoftwarePac enables carrier grade performance and quality, macro parity operation, and a quick return on investment.

pico base station
  • PHY leadership, with industry leading performance
    • Low latency for data and control plane processing
    • Measurements, advanced receiver, IPSec/ciphering, dynamic uplink power control enabled
    • Field debug capability enabled with as much as 250Mbps trace and debug data
  • Field-ready and production quality with carrier grade testing
    • 3GPP compliance
    • Conformance and calibration with RF
    • End-to-end tested for all feature interactions, performance and stability

enterprise base station
  • LTE, WCDMA and GSM listening modes, with framework ready for integration
  • Productized APIs based on FAPI (P4 interface) as defined by the Small Cell Forum
  • Highly optimized solution, leveraging the KeyStone hardware accelerators
  • Dedicated receiver during low-traffic period to minimize disruption or cell down time
  • Separate radio path for sniffing for TCI6630K2L + AFE75XX solution


pico base station
  • Enables flow-through fast-path acceleration for data-plane and control-plane processing
    • Full wire-rate throughput for all packet sizes
    • CPU not burdened with data processing
    • Packets land in dedicated prioritized hardware queues for further processing such as QoS and Traffic shaping
  • Leverages Network Coprocessor for packet processing, IPSec and ciphering

enterprise base station
  • Enables first call with your TI SoC based platform in just a few days
  • Easy to use APIs to configure, control and manage DFE (DUC/DDC/CFR/DPD) and RF
  • Reduces time-to-market with framework for integration with baseband and RF


TI Small Cell Hardware/Software Ecosystem

Company Name Small Cell Prodcucts Region Country
Aricent Framework, Protocol Stack, and Self Organizing Network
Asia India
Azcom WCDMA Physical Layer, and LTE Phyiscal layer EMEA Italy
MIMOon LTE Physical Layer, and Stack EMEA Germany
Nash Technologies WCDMA FAPI + Stack and OAM Framework EMEA Germany
Tektelic Full eNodeB System Solution Americas Canada

Jumpstart your small cell design

Software and Tools  
Development/Debug IDE – Code Composer Studio
DSP Programming – Code Generation Tools
ARM Programming – Linaro
Code Composer Studio
Code Generation Tools
Foundation Software SC-MCSDK 2.x
Secure Software SALLD
SECDEV – Request through local sales (clickwrap evaluation, production SLA)
Application software – PHY and platform software Request through local sales (clickwrap evaluation, production SLA)


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