Small Cell Base Station Software

TI provides a complete Small Cell Base Station SoftwarePac to ease customers’ programming efforts and enable them to focus on differentiation. TI provides a rich platform of foundational software and optimized physical layer software, together with world class development partners, delivering a complete software solution optimized for TI’s KeyStone™ multicore architecture. The Base Station SoftwarePac enables carrier grade performance and quality, macro parity operation, and a quick return on investment.

pico base station
  • PHY leadership, with industry leading performance
    • Low latency for data and control plane processing
    • Measurements, advanced receiver, IPSec/ciphering, dynamic uplink power control enabled
    • Field debug capability enabled with as much as 250Mbps trace and debug data
  • Field-ready and production quality with carrier grade testing
    • 3GPP compliance
    • Conformance and calibration with RF
    • End-to-end tested for all feature interactions, performance and stability

enterprise base station
  • LTE, WCDMA and GSM listening modes, with framework ready for integration
  • Productized APIs based on FAPI (P4 interface) as defined by the Small Cell Forum
  • Highly optimized solution, leveraging the KeyStone hardware accelerators
  • Dedicated receiver during low-traffic period to minimize disruption or cell down time
  • Separate radio path for sniffing for TCI6630K2L + AFE75XX solution


pico base station
  • Enables flow-through fast-path acceleration for data-plane and control-plane processing
    • Full wire-rate throughput for all packet sizes
    • CPU not burdened with data processing
    • Packets land in dedicated prioritized hardware queues for further processing such as QoS and Traffic shaping
  • Leverages Network Coprocessor for packet processing, IPSec and ciphering

enterprise base station
  • Enables first call with your TI SoC based platform in just a few days
  • Easy to use APIs to configure, control and manage DFE (DUC/DDC/CFR/DPD) and RF
  • Reduces time-to-market with framework for integration with baseband and RF


TI Small Cell Hardware/Software Ecosystem

Jumpstart your small cell design

Software and Tools  
Development/Debug IDE – Code Composer Studio
DSP Programming – Code Generation Tools
ARM Programming – Linaro
Code Composer Studio
Code Generation Tools
Foundation Software SC-MCSDK 2.x
Secure Software SALLD
SECDEV – Request through local sales (clickwrap evaluation, production SLA)
Application software – PHY and platform software Request through local sales (clickwrap evaluation, production SLA)


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