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Our high-bandwidth transimpedance amplifier (TIA) portfolio includes devices with variable gain settings, fast recovery time, internal input protection and fully differential outputs that are optimized for a wide range of photodiode applications.  A full line of integrated and multi-channel TIAs are available for optical time-of-flight (ToF) and LIDAR systems.

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Discrete TIAs

Individual high-bandwidth amplifiers available in bare die and small packaging options optimized for transimpedance applications.

Integrated TIAs

Amplifiers featuring optional integrated current clamps, selectable gain, ambient light calculation, and fully differential outputs.

Optical network TIAs

Optical networking TIAs for optical modules for 1G to 100G systems.

Featured transimpedance amplifiers

Design & development resources

Reference design
Wide Bandwidth Optical Front-end Reference Design

This reference design implements and measures a complete 120MHz wide bandwidth optical front end comprising a high speed transimpedance amplifier, fully differential amplifier, and high speed 14-bit 160MSPS ADC with JESD204B interface.  Hardware and software are provided to evaluate the (...)

Evaluation board
250-MHz, quad-channel, differential output transimpedance amplifier evaluation module
The LMH32404RHFEVM is an evaluation module (EVM) for the LMH32404RHF differential output transimpedance amplifier. The EVM features a transformer to convert the output to a 50-Ω single-ended connection for easy measurement with standard test equipment, and the option to convert to (...)
Evaluation board
OPA855DSG Evaluation Module
The OPA855DSG EVM is an evaluation module for the single OPA855 in the DSG (8-pin WSON) package.  The OPA855DSG EVM is designed to quickly demonstrate the functionality and versatility of the amplifier.  The EVM is ready to connect to power, signal source, and test instruments through (...)
Transimpedance amplifiers

Automotive, programmable-gain differential-output high-speed transimpedance amplifier

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