Product shelf life FAQs

Below find answers to questions about TI product’s shelf life and extended shelf life program.

What is the shelf life of a TI product?

The shelf life of a product is the amount of time from the product was manufactured to the time the device can be left in storage without being used. TI’s standard shelf life for packaged products is two years from the time it was manufactured to the time it is delivered by TI or a TI authorized distributor.

TI also offers extended shelf life (ESL) of certain products for up to five years of total shelf life from the time it is manufactured to the time it is delivered by TI or a TI authorized distributor Product warranty is measured from the actual shipment date, not the date of manufacture.

Where is information on extended shelf life program?

As a part of TI's ongoing commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction, quality and reliability, TI offers extended shelf life of certain designated products for up to five years. The extension is possible due to a number of factors, and is typically determined by the moisture sensitivity of the product in question.

For more information, visit our product shelf life and search tool page.

What are the benefits of TI's shelf life extension?

Extending TI's shelf life of the products designated will benefit our customers in multiple ways:

  • Increased assurance of supply
  • More immediate and on-the-shelf availability of product
  • Eliminating the financial burden of many End-of-Life (EOL) commitments
  • Eliminating many forced re-designs
  • No negative impact to quality
  • TI warranty is unchanged

How can I tell what material is included in the extended shelf life program?

TI’s product shelf life and search tool allows you to query any TI material to see if it is in the extended shelf life program.

How can I tell from the label if a material is in the Extended Shelf Life when received?

Details can be found as indicated on the label shown below.


Should I change how I handle devices that are on extended shelf life program?

No. Continue to treat the product in the same manner as you have in the past. Please continue to refer to the Moisture Sensitive Level (MSL) information on the bag or box for instruction on length of use. Your usage life remains unchanged.

Are there potential reliability concerns with identified material beyond two years old?

No. TI has conducted extensive, long-term reliability studies and confirmed there is no degradation of the products' electrical characteristics, and no product failures associated with long term storage.

I received material designated for extended shelf life that was sealed more than two years ago and calculated shelf life in bag showed 24 months. Do I need to bake the parts before using them in production?

You should continue to operate as before. In general, there is no need to bake parts before using them in the production line. However, if the Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) shows pink on >10 percent level then parts need baking before use. Actions will be taken in the Product Distribution Center (PDC) to ensure the moisture integrity of all material prior to shipment. For any material requiring repack the seal date on the material will indicate the date on which it was repacked.

Is there any technical basis to support the extension of shelf life?

Yes, please see the Component Reliability After Long Term Storage application note for more information.