SNAU266A July   2021  – August 2022


  1.   Abstract
  2. 1First-Time Setup
    1. 1.1 Evaluation Module Contents
    2. 1.2 Evaluation Setup Requirements
  3. 2EVM Connections
    1. 2.1 Connection Diagram
    2. 2.2 Power Supply
    3. 2.3 Reference Clock
    4. 2.4 Output Connections
    5. 2.5 Programming Interface
  4. 3Feature Evaluation
    1. 3.1 Buffer, Divider, and Multiplier Modes
    2. 3.2 SYSREF Generation
    3. 3.3 SYSREF Delay Generators
  5. 4Schematic
  6. 5PCB Layout and Layer Stack-Up
    1. 5.1 PCB Layer Stack-Up
    2. 5.2 PCB Layout
  7. 6Bill of Materials
  8.   A Troubleshooting
  9.   B USB2ANY Firmware Upgrade
  10.   C Revision History


The LMX1204EVM is designed to evaluate the performance of LMX1204. This board consists of an LMX1204 device and an integrated USB2ANY programmer.

The LMX1204 is an ultra-low additive-jitter RF buffer, divider, and multiplier, with integrated SYSREF generation capability. The device can buffer RF frequencies up to 12.8 GHz, multiply RF outputs up to 6.4 GHz, and divide outputs by up to 8 GHz. A separate auxiliary clock divider can be used for FPGAs or other logic ICs. Each RF output (and the logic clock) is paired with a complementary SYSREF output with picosecond-precision delay-tuning capability, and can be operated as a generator (with synchronization capability across multiple devices) or as a repeater. The device runs from a single 2.5-V supply, and is programmed by a digital SPI interface from a 1.8-V, 2.5-V, or 3.3-V bus controller.