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Enhance signal quality & reach with our PCIe, SAS & SATA devices

Send signals farther while reducing design complexity

We offer an extensive portfolio of low-power, low-latency, multi-channel redrivers, repeaters and passive switches that support the PCIe, SAS and SATA protocols. The advanced signal conditioning capabilities of our devices help reduce system costs while increasing signal reach in connectivity designs for data storage, PC and notebook, gaming and automotive applications.

PCIe retimers & redrivers

Single-, dual- and multichannel devices used to enhance signal quality and distribution for cost- and power-optimized designs

PCIe multiplexers

PCIe-compatible passive FET switches with ultra-low skew and propagation delay.

SAS & SATA repeaters & mux-buffers

Low-power, long-reach and multiple channel count repeater and mux options supporting SAS and SATA.

PCI-to-CardBus controllers

Standalone and integrated solutions used to bridge communication between PCI and CardBus standards

PCIe PHYs, PCI bridges & PCI packet switches

Established PCIe-compliant devices enable communication between new and preexisting platforms

Featured products


Low-power, 12-Gbps eight-channel linear repeater with equalization


Low-power, 8-Gbps eight-channel linear repeater with equalization


Two-channel 8-Gbps SATA Express redriver

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