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MSP430 microcontrollers (MCUs)

Best analog in the microcontroller industry, affordable for all

Our 16-bit MSP430™ microcontrollers (MCUs) provide affordable solutions for all applications. Our leadership in integrated precision analog enables designers to enhance system performance and lower system costs. Designers can find a cost-effective MCU within the broad MSP430 portfolio of over 2000 devices for virtually any need. Get started quickly and reduce time to market with our simplified tools, software, and best-in-class support.

General-purpose MCUs

Find an affordable MCU for every need from our broad portfolio that enables you to scale your design with devices that are pin compatible. We also offer a wide memory range and peripheral options.

Advanced sensing MCUs

Find MCUs with integrated analog front-end to optimized system performance and BOM cost for a wide variety of applications.

Find an MSP430™ MCU that best fits your design

New MSP430™ MCUs


Low-cost 16-kB MCU with 4 sigma-delta ADCs, electricity metering AFE, power monitoring and thermometers


Low-cost 32-kB MCU with 4 op amps and DACs for system monitoring and various other applications, and has pin-to-pin options for 16 and 32-kB


Low-cost 256-kB MCU with integrated high-accuracy ultrasonic sensing system for flow measurements, level and motion sensing, and other ultrasonic applications

Learn more about the MSP430™ portfolio

The world has become more automated and an abundance of devices, factories, and homes are becoming more intelligent to keep us connected. 

Our family of MSP430 MCUs offers a broad and affordable portfolio of products to solve today’s increasing and diverse MCU design challenges.

Get started today and explore our wide range of resources including memory, features, and package options.