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DDR memory power solutions

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We feature a large and diverse portfolio of DDR terminators to fit your system requirements, with both linear regulator and switching regulator-based solutions to choose from. DDR VDDQ and VTT voltage regulator devices feature low internal voltage references to be able to regulate low DDR core and termination output voltages. Compared to standard linear and switching regulators, DDR termination LDOs and regulators have sink/source termination current capability and external reference inputs to track the VDDQ/2 input and generate the Vtt termination rail.

Standard DDR

Low-power DDR

Our DDR VTT LDOs utilize proprietary ultra-high-bandwidth tracking amplifiers to respond to DDR Read/Write load transients and minimize output capacitance. As there are many generations of DDR termination devices, the key specifications to look for in selecting a DDR power solution device are the DDR VDDQ, and VTT output voltages.

For DDR4 and newer generations of DDR, there’s an additional VPP rail with 2.5-V nominal that also needs to be regulated. TI’s DDR power solutions are designed to meet JEDEC specifications.

Generation of DDR
DDR 2.5 V 1.25 V
DDR2 1.8 V .9 V
DDR3 1.5 V .75 V
DDR4 1.2 V 0.6 V
LPDDR2 1.2 V 0.6 V
LPDDR3 1.2 V 0.6 V
DDR3L 1.35 V 0.675 V
LPDDR4 1.1 V 0.55 V
LPDDR5 0.5 V
0.3 V