Digital power isolated controllers

Optimize performance of your isolated DC/DC power supply

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Our portfolio of digital-power isolated controllers are digitally-controlled PWM controllers to help you optimize performance and cost of your isolated DC/DC power supply.

Design & development resources

Application software & framework
Fusion Digital Power Studio

Fusion Digital PowerTM Studio incorporates software tools for Texas Instruments' UCD3138 Integrated Digital Controller family.   Fusion Digital Power helps power supply engineers to gain benefits of digital power without learning complex programming skills. Fusion Digital Power is an intuitive (...)

Software programming tool
Fusion Digital Power Production Tool
The Fusion Digital Power Production Tool (production GUI) is a graphical user interface used to download firmware, upgrade firmware, configure, calibrate and test.  This command-based interface allows the seamless integration of UCD flashing procedures in a production environment.

The production GUI (...)
Driver or library
Fusion Digital Power - API

The Fusion Digital Power Studio is built on top of a Microsoft.NET Application Programming Interface (Fusion-API) that handles I2C/SMBus communication and abstracts devices and commands. It provides high level interfaces to common tasks such as command read/write, full device configuration (...)

Reference designs related to Digital power isolated controllers

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