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Backlight LED drivers

Extend battery power, reduce board space and enhance LCD screen performance

Our portfolio of over 100 backlight LED drivers enhances the user experience across many display sizes in personal electronics, industrial, and automotive applications. They extend battery life, reduce board space requirements and enhance the LCD screen performance through heightened dimming methods. They also improve system performance with EMI mitigation techniques, selectable switching frequency, and fault protection notification.

Personal electronics

Backlight LED drivers with best-in-class features to cover a wide range of applications and screen sizes.

  • High efficiency
  • Small solution size
  • PWM and I²C interface
  • Wide input & output voltage range


Auto-qualified backlight LED drivers for infotainment displays, instrument clusters, heads up displays and more.

  • > 40W of output power
  • Dimming ratios up to 32,000:1
  • Robust fault handling & reporting
  • Wide input & output voltage range (3V – 48V)


High power & reliable backlight LED drivers suitable for industrial applications, supporting screen sizes from 2” to greater than 24”.

  • Simple PWM/I²C/SPI control
  • Input voltages from 2.5V – 30V
  • Output voltages up to 120V, supporting 120W of pow
  • Leaded packages for easier visual inspection

Browse by key feature

Search for backlight LED drivers by key features that impact display performance.

I2C control

Control the backlight LED driver through an I2C digital interface to optimize performance and enhance the user experience.

Simple control

Backlight drivers with a balance of high performance and a simple PWM interface to control dimming and on/off sequencing.

Capability to drive >70 LEDs

Backlight LED drivers with enough output power capability for displays requiring over 70 LEDs.

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Technical resources

Complete board-and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your system.

Read about a wide variety of backlight LED driver system design topics.

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.

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