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Enable high-efficiency constant-current or strobe LED applications

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Illuminate people or objects with infrared, multi-color or UV lights with our illumination LED drivers for buck, boost or linear topologies. With analog and PWM dimming methods, you can optimize your illumination functionality in a variety of building automation, medical, stage lighting and personal electronics applications.

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Technical resources

Application note
Application note
Loop Response Considerations for Peak Current Mode Buck LED Driver Application
This application report details the PCM buck LED driver, analyzes the stability constraint and provides a simple equation to calculate bandwidth and phase margin of the converter.
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Dimming Methods: Analog Dimming
Learn basic principles and limitations of analog dimming in LED drivers.
Dimming Methods: PWM Dimming
Learn the basics of PWM dimming based on three dimming methodologies: main FET, series FET and shunt FET dimming.

Design & development resources

Reference design
IR LED Illumination and ICR Control Reference Design for IP Network Cameras With Day/Night Vision
This reference design showcases an Infrared LED illumination sub-system for Internet Protocol (IP) network cameras with day and night vision. The system features a cut filter control, LED dimming, ambient light measuring and ballasting for current of each IR LED string. Ballasting is an (...)
Reference design
1-s to 6-s, up to 1.5-A li-ion battery charger reference design with switching CC source

This reference design demonstrates a cost-optimized onboard battery-charger solution for mid- or low-end vacuum robots, which has up to 1.5-A charging-current capability with a small layout area, providing ±3% charging-voltage accuracy and ±3% charging-current accuracy.

The design enables a stable (...)

Reference design
Display LED driver reference design
This reference design describes the characteristics, operation, and use of the LED/laser driver. This driver contains our TPS92641 IC configured as a solid-state driver solution providing a 3-channel regulated current output to drive 3 solid-state devices. A high-efficiency single inductor (...)

Reference designs related to Illumination LED drivers

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