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Increase system efficiency and simplify design

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Shrink overall solution size, maximize power density, optimize efficiency and strengthen system protection with MOSFET power stages. Pair our NexFET™ power stages and our multiphase controllers to eliminate unnecessary components from your design, reduce switching losses and improve system reliability all within the smallest footprint.

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Power stages

Synchronous buck monolithic smart power stage

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Our MOSFET power stages increase system efficiency & simplify design


High efficiency

PowerStack™ packing technology eliminates parasitics and reduces switching losses, while a large ground lead frame provides excellent thermal performance.


Enhanced diagnostic feedback

Cycle-by-cycle accurate temperature-compensated bidirectional current sense improves system monitoring and temperature. Additionally, fault monitoring improves system reliability.


High integration

Integrated MOSFETs, driver and current sense provide a complete switching function that eliminates passive components to reduce solution size and simplify PCB layout.

Technical resources

More literature
More literature
Power loss calculation with CSI consideration for synchronous buck converters (Rev. A)
The synchronous buck converter is a widely used topology in low-voltage, high-current applications. Low-power loss and highly efficient synchronous buck converters are in great demand for advanced microprocessors of the future.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
An Introduction to Multiphase Buck Regulators
In this video we discuss what a multi-phase buck regulator is exactly, what applications they're suited for, and some of the challenges associated with implementing them.
PowerStack™ Packaging Technology Overview
Gain a deeper understanding into the construction of our smart power stages and how packaging can enhance circuit performance.

Design & development resources

Evaluation board
Dual-channel (6+2/5+3) evaluation module for D-CAP+™ step-down controller with PMBus interface

The TPS53681EVM evaluation module allows users to assess the operating characteristics of the TPS53681 controller with the CSD95490 smart power stages in a low voltage, high current, step-down point of load (POL) application with the configuration, control and monitoring functionality of the (...)

Evaluation board
TPSM831D31, 8V to 14V Input, Dual Output, 120A + 40A PMBus Power Module Evaluation Module
The TPSM831D31 evaluation board is configured to evaluate the operation of the TPSM831D31 power module for current up to 120 A for output A and 40 A for output B. The input voltage range is 8 V to 14 V. The output voltage range for both output A and output B is 0.25 V to 1.52 V. The evaluation (...)
Evaluation board
Dual-channel (12+0, 11+1 or 10+2 phases), D-CAP+ step-down, DC-DC analog with PMBus interface EVM

The TPS536C7EVM evaluation module (EVM) allows users to evaluate the TPS536C7 controller.

The controller is dual-channel (12 + 0, 11 + 1 or 10 + 2 phases), D-CAP+™ synchronous buck driverless control with PMBus Interface. The device operates using a voltage supply between 4.5 V and 17 V. The (...)

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