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MOSFET power stages

Increase system efficiency and simplify design

Pair our NexFET™ power MOSFET stage products and multiphase controllers to decrease solution size, increase density and efficiency, and enhance system feedback.

High efficiency

PowerStack™ packing technology eliminates parasitics and reduces switching losses, while a large ground lead frame provides excellent thermal performance.

Enhanced diagnostic feedback

Cycle-by-cycle accurate temperature compensated bidirectional current sense improves system monitoring and temperature. Additionally, fault monitoring improves system reliability.

High integration

Integrated MOSFETs, driver and current sense provide a complete switching function that eliminates passive components to reduce solution size and simplify PCB layout.

Featured products


75A synchronous buck NexFET™ Power Block with DualCool package.


50A synchronous buck NexFET™ Power Block in small 4x5 SON package.


70A synchronous buck NexFET™ Power Block in an industry standard footprint.

Seamless integration

The NexFET™ Rower Block pairs seamlessly with our multiphase step-down controllers for an efficient design in a reduced solution size.

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Power loss calculation with CSI consideration for synchronous buck converters (Rev. A)

The synchronous buck converter is a widely used topology in low-voltage, high-current applications. Low-power loss and highly efficient synchronous buck converters are in great demand for advanced microprocessors of the future.

In today’s computing environment, CPUs, FPGAs, ASICs and even peripherals are growing increasingly complex and, consequently, so do their power delivery requirements.

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Featured video

A deeper look into the construction of our smart power stages and how packaging can enhance circuit performance.