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Solutions for your distribution, protection or diagnostics needs

Power switches provide an electrical connection from a voltage source or ground to a load. Our diverse portfolio includes several topologies, from simple load switches to smart power switches. Sequencing, protection against common IC events, diagnostic telemetry, and more is made possible with our power switches. Search our portfolio here to find the right device for your design. 

Product Portfolio

Load switches

Load switches are a simple, cost-effective way to turn on and off your power rails. Reduce your BOM count with an integrated load switch and get to market faster.

eFuses & hot swap controllers

These power-path protection devices are used to control load current with integrated or external FETs.

High-side switches

Drive and protect an inductive, resistive and capacitive loads, while providing real-time diagnostics to your automotive and industrial systems.

Ideal diode & OR-ing controllers

Find the right solution to reduce power loss and thermal dissipation, while protecting your system from reverse polarity and reverse current conditions.

Power muxes

Power multiplexers let you to switch between subsystems with two different voltage levels. Preserve operating conditions with seamless switchover options.

Low-side switches

Unlike other power switch topologies, our low-side switches use an integrated flyback diode to connect the load to ground.

The six types of power switches 

Power switches are used in multiple locations in a design. They provide protection at the input, power distribution throughout the system, and protection at the output for off-board loads.  The image shows the common use cases for various power switches.


Common use cases for various power switches

Power trends

Power management is at the center of enabling the continued integration of electronics in our lives. For decades, TI has been at the forefront of developing new process, packaging and circuit-design technologies to deliver the best power devices for your design. Check out our featured power switches below, designed to help you address power density and low IQ.

Power switches for power density

Enable the highest power density from <3.3 V to <60 V with power switches. With the integration of active and passive components, you can safely and reliably achieve your size reduction goals for your power distribution and power-path protection circuitry.  Our eFuses take the already small solution size made possible with our load switches and integrate additional discrete components for added overvoltage, overcurrent and reverse polarity protection. 

Our ideal diodes also enable up to 75% board spacing over traditional diodes, and with reverse current blocking and, reverse polarity protection, can reduce power losses by a factor of 10x.   

Explore the key devices below to significantly reduce your footprint or improve heat dissipation.


3-V to 65-V, automotive ideal diode controller driving back to back NFETs


2.7-V to 24-V, 2.7-mΩ, 15-A eFuse with hot-swap protection, ±1.5% current monitor and adjusted fault management


4.2-V to 60-V, 150-mΩ, 0.1- to 2.23-A eFuse with integrated input reverse polarity protection

Power switches for low IQ

Achieve longer battery run-time without giving up system performance with our power switches.

Power designers can use our load switches within their power path to further minimize current consumption. Our ultra-low shutdown (ISD) load switches respond quickly to turn off subsystems and reduce leakage current to save power. Many of our load switches also have as little as 0.5-µA quiescent current (IQ), while P-channel MOSFETS can be prone to as much as 9 µA when operating within the same voltage and temperature range. 

Explore our key devices below to begin optimizing your battery-operated systems.


1-V to 5.5-V, 2-A, 60-mΩ ultra-low leakage load switch


5.5-V, 2-A, 80-mΩ , 10-nA leakage load switch adj. rise time and adj output discharge

Power switches for functional safety

  • Trying to meet the rigorous requirements of standards like ISO 26262 or IEC 61508? Our power switches not only comprise critical protection functions for safety-critical applications within ADAS, powertrain, factory automation, robotics and more, they also have functional safety documentation available. 
  • The power switch families below have Functional Safety-Capable offerings, meaning you can easily access FIT rate calculations and failure mode distribution (FMD), FMA documentation or both types of documentation in the technical documents section of each product landing page.
  • Navigate to the devices you need in the table below or take advantage of the additional resources we’ve created so you can get your safety system tested and into the market quicker.
automotive-functional safety

Find functional safety devices

Functional Safety-Capable rating

High-side switches
Ideal diodes & OR-ing controllers
eFuses & hot swap controllers
Load switches

Functional safety design resources


Redundant dual-channel safe torque off (STO) reference design for AC inverters and servo drives reference design


TUV-assessed digital input reference design for IEC 61508 (SIL-2)

Functional safety systems & high-side switches

Many of our high-side switches are functional safety-capable and this video demonstrates techniques to ensure that your FET is operating as expected.