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Digital signal processors (DSP) – Applications

DSPs bring computing performance, real-time processing, and power efficiency to diverse applications ranging from sensors to servers. What can you do with digital signal processors? Look below for solutions on a variety of DSP applications.

Machine vision

Machine vision (MV) refers to both industrial and non-industrial applications where operational guidance is provided to equipment for the execution of functions based on the capture and analytical processing of images. In essence, this is providing "sight" or "vision" to otherwise "blind" equipment. This greatly enhances the capabilities of the equipment, resulting in improved product quality, increased productivity and decreased costs. Machine vision is extensively used in factory automation for automated inspection and robot guidance. Machine vision is also found in security systems, currency inspection machines, and printers/scanners.

TI offers a wide range of processing solutions for machine vision applications. TI's DSP-based solutions provide the best-in-class performance for real-time embedded analytics processing with scalable solutions from single camera solutions to large, high performance computing systems used in applications like wafer inspection. TI also provides easy to use software libraries as part of our free Processor SDK to speed development of machine vision solutions.

Getting started
Embedded machine vision Arm®+DSP OMAP-L138 OMAPL-138 EVM
DSP C674x, C665x
C674 EVM, C6657 EVM
Printers, scanners, currency
DSP C665x C6657 EVM
Smart cameras
Large scale inspection Arm®+DSP 66AK2Hx 66K2H EVM
DSP C667x C6678 EVM
Machine vision

Avionics and defense

TI's commercial processors, including single and multicore Arm®, DSP, and Arm®+DSP, are well-suited to defense and avionics applications including radar, electronic warfare, avionics, and software defined radios (SDR). Our processors feature industrial temperature ranges, ECC on on-chip memory, secure boot, security features. Software support includes mainline Linux, TI RTOS, and most commercial RTOSes.

Size Weight and Power (SWAP)

Many applications in defense and avionics have tight size, weight and power requirements and require optimized SoCs which can deliver the required performance within the allotted SWaP budget. TI is focused on delivering the most performance-per-watt using standard Arm® cores and TI C66x DSP cores to create scalable device families from single core to multicore, heterogeneous SoCs.

Getting started
Radar/electronic warfare Arm®+DSP 66AK2Hx 66K2H EVM
DSP C667x
C665x EVM, C667x EVM
Avionics Arm® AM5K2Ex, 66AK2x AM5K2E EVM
Software Defined Radio (SDR) Arm®+DSP OMAP-L1x, 66AK2Hx 66K2H EVM, OMAPL-138 EVM
DSP C674x, C665x, C667x C674x EVM, C665x EVM, C667x EVM
Single board computers Arm® AM335x, AM437x, AM5K2Ex AM335x EVM, AM437x EVM, AM5K2Ex EVM
Avionics & Defense


Developers can create a wide range of audio applications using TI’s broad portfolio of processors based on DSP and DSP + Arm® cores. TI’s Digital Signal Processors provide a scalable platform for high performance audio equipment ranging from applications with
voice recognition to audio amplifiers, audio video receivers and more. Paired with industry-proven software and TI reference designs, developers can discover complete end-to-end solutions to match their audio preferences. Get started with TI's portfolio of audio processors.


Video encoding/decoding

TI's C66x multicore SoCs provide power and cost-efficient, high-density programmable video coding solutions. Off-the-shelf PCIe cards provide simple and fast upgrade capability to enable high-performance encoding of new standards such as H.265. TI's optimized video coding libraries and multi-chip video software framework enable solutions to be brought to market quickly.

Video codecs

The following video codecs are optimized for the C66x DSP family and are available for download free of charge:

  • H.265 (Encode/Decode)
  • H.264 BP/HP (Encode/Decode)
  • H.264 MP (Decode)
  • MPEG4 (Encode/Decode)
  • MPEG2 (Encode/Decode)
  • JPEG (Encode/Decode)
  • JPEG2000 (Encode/Decode)
  • AVC Intra/Ultra (Encode)

PCIe cards

Getting started
High performance encoding DSP C6678 C6678 EVM
Multichannel transcoding
Video Encoding/Decoding


TI's DSPs and Arm®-based embedded processors have a proven track record in embedded biometric applications. TI's C674x DSPs provide higher performance for greater imaging resolution and a larger database of identities. For high-end systems, TI's OMAP-L1x DSP+Arm9® processors support advanced connectivity options, high-level operating systems for graphical user interfaces and optimized performance capabilities.

Getting started
Iris biometrics Arm®+DSP OMAP-L1x OMAPL-138 EVM
DSP C674x, C665x C674 EVM, C6657 EVM
Fingerprint biometrics DSP AM335x AM335x Starter Kit

Grid automation

TI’s C665x DSPs offer high signal processing performance, up to 40 GFLOPs, at power consumptions targeted for fanless designs. The fixed and floating point capabilities of the C665x family of devices provides efficient real-time processing of sampled values in the small time windows required by protection relays or other grid monitoring equipment. TI offers libraries for common signal processing functions to make software development simple.

Getting started
Protection relays
C6657 EVM
Measuring and monitoring IEDs
Grid Automation