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Dual-channel high-voltage multilevel fully-integrated ultrasound transmitter



The TX517 is a fully integrated, dual channel, high voltage Transmitter. It is specifically designed for demanding medical Ultrasound applications that require a Multi-level high-voltage pulse pattern. The output stages are designed to deliver typically ±2.5A peak output currents, with 200Vpp swings.

The TX517 is a complete transmitter solution with low-voltage input logic, level translators, gate drivers and P-channel and N-Channel MOSFETs for each channel.

The TX517 also incorporates a CW output stage.

The TX517 is available in a BGA package that is Lead-Free (RoHS compliant) and Green. It is specified for operation from 0°C to 85°C.

17 Level Pulser Chip:
The chip consists of two 5-level channels to form a single 17-level transmitter cell when used in conjunction with a transformer. It is designed to drive the transducer not only at various output levels, but also to modulate the width of the output pulses to obtain the added flexibility of pulse-width-modulation spectral shaping.


  • Output Voltage:
    • Up to 200Vpp in Differential Mode
  • Peak Output Current: ±2.5A
  • Multi-Level Output
    • Differential : 17 Levels
    • Single Ended : 5 Levels
  • Integrated:
    • Level Translator
    • Driver
    • High Voltage Output Stages
    • CW output
  • TX Output Update Rate
    • Up to 100MSPS
  • Minimal External Components
  • Small Package: BGA 13x13mm


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Part number Order Number of input channels Interface Active supply current (Typ) (mA) Supply voltage (Max) (V) Operating temperature range (C) Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG) Package Group Approx. price (US$)
TX517 Order now 2       17     5.25     0 to 85     144NFBGA: 169 mm2: 13 x 13 (NFBGA | 144)     NFBGA | 144     15.84 | 1ku    
TX7316 Samples not available 16     Serial     3.6     5.5     0 to 70     216NFBGA: 150 mm2: 15 x 10 (NFBGA | 216)     NFBGA | 216     35.20 | 1ku    
TX7332 Samples not available 32     Serial     10     5.5     0 to 70     260NFBGA: 187 mm2: 11 x 17 (NFBGA | 260)     NFBGA | 260     70.40 | 1ku