QFN/SON package FAQs

QFN/SON package FAQs

Includes answers to questions about TI’s Quad Flat No Lead/Small Outline No Lead (QFN/SON) packaging technology’s advantages and best practices for working with QFN/SON devices.

What is a QFN/SON?

QFN/SONs are packages with a plastic small outline and no lead, with no lead extending beyond the package body. The contact pads are exposed and flush with the bottom of the package.

What are the advantages of QFN/SON?

  • Small footprint (yields savings in PCB real estate)
  • Thin package (< 1mm package height)
  • Excellent thermal performance (Soldering the exposed thermal paddle to the board provides an excellent path for heat transfer from die to the board)
  • Smaller size, form factor, and location of contact pads allows parts to be placed closer to the other components on the board
  • Negligible package lead inductance
  • Uses standard surface mount equipment and flow for PCB assembly
  • There are no lead co-planarity issues with this package

What pin count, package sizes, pitches are offered for QFN/SON packages?

QFN/SON packages are offered in a range of pin count, package sizes, and pitches. Please see TI’s package selection tool for more information.

Does TI still offer LLP?

QFN/SONs are LLP stands for “leadless lead frame package" and was the terminology for National’s QFN/SON technology. TI has integrated LLP into the company’s QFN/SON packages. Please see TI’s package selection tool for more information.

Does TI offer dual row or multi-row QFN/SON?

Yes, TI offers dual row QFN. You can view the options in our package selection tool, under VQFN-MR and WQFN-MR packaging.

What is the surface mount technology (SMT) recommendation and reflow profile for QFN/SON?

QFN SMT recommendations can be found here. Application notes on QFN/SON and multi-row QFN also include more details.

Are there any guidelines for using QFN/SON?

General guidelines for QFN/SON are included in TI’s Quad Flat Pack No-Lead Logic Packages application note. Based on TI’s experience, these recommended guidelines are important for the end user to follow during PCB design, stencil design and SMT assembly steps to ensure a successful SMT process.

Where can I find QFN/SON footprint?

Please click here then enter TI part number into search tool for more information.

Are TI’s QFN/SON packages compatible with lead free or leaded paste?

Yes, TI lead finishes for QFN/SON will work for both lead free and leaded paste. Please refer to solder manufacturer’s recommended reflow profile for more information.

What MSL (moisture sensitivity level) does this package meet?

Please refer to the device’s specific product folder for MSL rating and peak reflow temperature. Within the product folder, the information is located in the Quality & Packaging tab. For example, search for a specific TI.com product, and on the device page click “the Quality & packaging tab.”

Where can I get a copy of the AN-1187 application note?

Application note AN-1187 has been converted and is now called Leadless Leadframe Package (LLP).