Lead-free (Pb-free) conversion

Lead-free (Pb-free) conversion

Due to worldwide environmental restricted chemical and material (RCM) concerns, it was determined lead (Pb) as one of the major substances of concerns. Lead-free devices in electronic components and systems continues to receive significant attention within the semiconductor and electronics industry as a whole.  TI is committed to working with customers to offer products that meet their specific needs in this area.

Small amounts of lead have been commonly used in integrated circuits for many years.  During the late 1980s, TI began converting its products to lead-free alternatives.  By 1989, TI introduced the Nickel/Palladium (Ni/Pd) finish, as a lead-free alternative to the IC market. By 2000, these products moved to a Nickel/Palladium/Gold (Ni/Pd/Au).

Today TI's lead-free products use Ni/Pd/Au or annealed matte tin (Sn) for leadframe type packages and Tin/Silver/Copper (Sn/Ag/Cu) for ball grid array (BGA) types of products. 

TI's remaining products using lead (Pb) are required by customers, such as military and space products or under regulatory exemption (see RoHS Exempt and expiration statement). For more information on specific packages or part numbers visit our Material Content Search Tool.   Links to related resources are below.

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