SimpleLink™ CC13x2 and CC26x2 software development kit


Release Date:  28 May 2019

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Simplelink SDK Installers
Windows Installer for Simplelink CC13X2 26X2 SDK Windows Installer for Simplelink CC13X2 26X2 SDK 302370 K
Mac OS Installer for SimpleLink CC13X2 26X2 SDK Mac OS Installer for SimpleLink CC13X2 26X2 SDK 308600 K
Linux Installer for SimpleLink CC13X2 26X2 SDK Linux Installer for SimpleLink CC13X2 26X2 SDK 318408 K
SimpleLink SDK Documentation
Documentation Overview SimpleLink CC13X2 26X2 SDK Documentation
TI Resource Explorer SimpleLink CC13X2 26X2 SDK in Cloud TI Resource Explorer

What's New?


  • Added production RF settings for the CC1352P wireless MCU and related LaunchPad™ development kits: LAUNCHXL-CC1352P1 and LAUNCHXL-CC1352P-2

Bluetooth 5 (BLE5-Stack)

  • Initial Bluetooth 5 qualified release for production
  • Support for SysConfig added in IAR projects

Thread (TI-OpenThread)

  • Thread 1.1 certification updated to include CC1352R and CC1352P devices
  • Performance improvements for native OAD
  • IAR IDE can now be used for Thread example development
  • Example projects now have a power test build configuration.

TI 15.4-Stack

  • The messaging layer for the TI 15.4-Stack examples have been updated with NoICall libraries, saving 5 KB of flash.
  • Secure commissioning enables security features based on the crypto driver including secure key exchange, device authentication and key generation.
  • Support for on-chip OAD
  • All TI 15.4-Stack example projects support SysConfig

Dynamic Multi-protocol Manager

  • New policy table structure including a new policy option - Balanced Mode.
  • New Zigbee router + BLE peripheral example.

Zigbee (TI Z-Stack)

  • Zigbee PRO 2017 (R22) and Green Power Proxy v1.1.1 certified stack (Z-Stack Core v1.0.0.0)
  • Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL) 7 integration
  • Example projects now have a power test build configuration.
  • All Zigbee example projects support SysConfig


  • SmartRF Settings are fully configurable in SysConfig.
  • SysConfig GUI configuration tool now allows configuration of protocol stacks.

Updated CoreSDK component to version The CoreSDK is comprised of the TI-RTOS SYS/BIOS kernel, DriverLib and TI Drivers.

Refer to the Document Overview for the individual release notes and details for starting development with each SDK component

Refer to the included Change Log for a summary of new features and fixed issues since the last SDK release. See Known Issues section below for important information regarding this update.

Release Information

The SimpleLink™ CC13X2 and CC26X2 Software Development Kit (SDK) delivers components that enable engineers to develop applications on the Texas Instruments SimpleLink CC13X2 and CC26X2 family of wireless microcontrollers (MCUs). This software toolkit provides a cohesive and consistent software experience for all SimpleLink CC13X2 and CC26X2 wireless MCU users by packaging essential software components, such as a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) protocol stack supporting Bluetooth 5, Thread 1.1 networking stack based on OpenThread, Zigbee 3.0 compliant protocol suite, RF-Proprietary examples, TI’s 15.4 Stack as well as the TI-RTOS kernel and TI Drivers in one easy-to-use software package along with example applications and documentation. In addition, the Dynamic Multi-Protocol Manager (DMM) software component enables multiprotocol development on a single SimpleLink wireless MCU through time division multiplexing.

The SimpleLink MCU portfolio offers a single development environment that delivers flexible hardware, software and tool options for customers developing wired and wireless applications. With 100 percent code reuse across host MCUs, Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth Low Energy, Sub-1GHz devices and more, choose the MCU or connectivity standard that fits your design. A one-time investment with the SimpleLink software development kit allows you to reuse often, opening the door to create unlimited applications. For more information, visit

This is version of the SimpleLink CC13X2 / CC26X2 SDK. This is an updated SDK which adds software support for the first production ready version of the CC1352P SimpleLink™ multi-band wireless MCU with integrated power amplifier. All other software feature content remains the same as the previous SimpleLink CC13X2 / CC26X2 SDK.