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Wireless connectivity

We are your partner in Sub-1 GHz RF design. With a portfolio of flexible low-power RF transceivers and wireless microcontrollers, we help remove the barriers for global deployment with our high-quality radios and ultra-low power performance. 

RF transceivers

Use industry proven transceivers with over 20 years of RF experience

  • Add RF to existing MCUs with simple SPI interface
  • High performance devices for industrial markets
  • Transceivers for narrowband and ETSI Category 1

Sub-1 GHz wireless MCUs

Optimize your design with a single IC for small applications

  • Integrated power amplifier with up to +20 dBm TX
  • Link budget up to 143 dBm
  • Operates as low as 1 µA using sensor controller

Multiband wireless MCUs

Add concurrent Sub-1 GHz and 2.4-GHz connections to your design

  • Dynamic multiprotocol manager enables concurrency
  • Sub-1 GHz & Bluetooth® Low Energy on single radio
  • Add Bluetooth Low Energy to your long-range design

Why us for Sub-1 GHz?

Our broad portfolio of Sub-1 GHz solutions offers:
  • Transceivers and SoCs with up to -125-dBm sensitivity and 4 Mbps data rates
  • Pin-to-pin compatible wireless MCU family in multiple memory sizes
  • Highly-configurable radio for multiple bands in several regions worldwide
  • Superior ultra-low-power performance even at high temperatures
  • Programmable sensor controller core with ability to execute code while in STANDBY mode 

Sub-1 GHz products by memory & pin out

Software solutions for every need

Wireless M-Bus protocol software

The Wireless M-Bus standard is geared towards smart metering in Europe, supporting the RF communication link between water, gas, heat and electric meters and the data collecting devices.

TI 15.4-Stack software

Developers interested in a prebuilt and robust proprietary network that is FCC and ETSI compliant with security features and over-the-air firmware upgrades should consider our 15.4-Stack.

Protocol software for mioty technology

As one of the founding members of the mioty® Alliance, TI is excited to offer a standardized protocol for the Sub-1 GHz spectrum for low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN).

Proprietary software

We provide a robust set of proprietary software examples and documentation in the SimpleLink™ software development kit (SDK).  The EasyLink API layer simplifies your design process.  

Wi-SUN software

Wi-SUN is a standard mesh wireless network for smart metering and cities.  If you are interested in learning more please follow the link below.

Sub-1 GHz + Bluetooth software

Use our dual-band devices to add Bluetooth Low Energy to your Sub-1 GHz solutions. For software examples to configure, provision and maintain your devices over Bluetooth Low Energy check out SimpleLink Academy.

Amazon Sidewalk software

Instant IoT cloud connectivity for your product leveraging the existing Amazon infrastructure. Learn how TI’s low-cost, low-power single or multi-protocol wireless MCUs can make it possible.

Find the product that works best with your software

TI 15.4-Stack

WMBUS C, S, T -mode

WMBUS N-mode




Amazon Sidewalk

Frequency (MHz) 433, 868, 915 433, 868 169 868, 915
868, 915 Programmable 915
PHY throughput (kbps) 5 to 200  32 to 100  2.4 to 19.2  0.4  50 to 200  2.5 to 1000

FSK – 50 kbps

BLE – 2 Mbps, 1 Mbps, 500 kbps and 125 kbps

Network type Star Star Star Star Mesh Star and Mesh Star
Frequency hopping
Optional No No Yes Yes Optional Yes
Network size (max) 1,000 1,000 1,000 10,000+ 5,000 Programmable Varies
Practical range 100 m - 2 km 100 m 2 km 15 km
100 m 100 m - 10 km
100 m - 2 km
Supported devices CC1310, CC1312R, CC1352R, CC1352P
CC1310, CC1312R
 CC1200,    CC1312R,   CC1352P,   CC1352P7
  CC1312R,    CC1352R,   CC1352P

Get started with Sub-1 GHz

Our interactive SimpleLink academy can be used as a foundation to create a Sub-1 GHz proprietary network or migrating an existing network.

Helpful guides

Get help and learn more about our Sub-1 GHz offerings with by visiting our TI E2E™ support forums and reading the quick start guide.

Rapid prototyping

Create a Sub-1 GHz sensor network in minutes with the SimpleLink™ multi-band CC1352R wireless MCU Launchpad™ SensorTag kit. Or choose from one of our many third-party wireless modules.

Our module vendors help you accelerate your design process with solutions that already have built-in external components.