HDMI, DisplayPort & MIPI overview

Scalable solutions to improve signal integrity for high-resolution video and images

Retimers, redrivers & equalizers

Devices to improve video and image signal quality and enable extended range and signal distribution

Switches & multiplexers

Feature-rich devices that preserve signal quality with minimal loss that are available in multiple channel configurations for flexible system design

Bridges & transceivers

Devices to bridge between CSI, DSI, DVI, LVDS and eDP video and display interfaces, supporting resolutions up to 2K with automotive-grade devices also available

Companion products

LCD and AMOLED display-power solutions that enable state-of-the-art display designs with high efficiency, small size and best-in-class picture quality

Backlighting solutions that support ultra-high efficiency with high power delivery to help you create vibrant edge-lit and direct-lit TFT displays