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Hercules™ TMS470M ARM® Cortex™-M3 Safety Series

The Hercules™ TMS470M microcontroller family enables developers to easily create safety-related applications for the transportation industry. The TMS470M value-line microcontrollers use the ARM® Cortex™-M3 CPU running at 80MHz and offer Flash memory options ranging from 256KB to 640KB (including up to 128KB EEPROM emulation capability) and RAM memory ranging from 16KB to 64KB.

With built-in safety features like CPU and RAM self test (BIST) engines, error correction code (ECC) and parity-checking, the devices are a great extension to the Hercules Safety MCU platform.

TMS470M ARM Cortex-M3 Product Brochure


Key Features

  • Up to 80-MHz ARM Cortex™-M3 CPU
  • Built-In Self Test for CPU and RAM
  • Up to 640 KB Flash / 64 KB RAM with ECC protection and EEPROM emulation
  • Single 3.3-V supply (Vreg on-chip)
  • 2 CAN, 2 MibSPIs, 2 LIN/UART
  • Timer Co-Processer for PWM and input capture
  • 10-bit analog/digital converter

Key Benefits

  • Architected for safety critical transportation applications
  • ARM Cortex-R4F with Floating Point (single and double precision)
  • Automotive qualified across full temperature range
  • Flexible real-time control peripherals
  • Robust communication interfaces
  • Development network and support

Block Diagram

Featured Applications

  • Electric power steering (EPS)
  • Braking systems (ABS and ESC)
  • Safety-related automotive
  • Automotive Infrastructure
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Airbags, electric park brake, safe communication, parking assist

Hercules TMS470M ARM Cortex-M3 Safety Videos

From ultra-low power MSP430™ MCUs and high-performance TMS320C2000™ real-time controllers, to Hercules 32-bit ARM-based safety MCUs and Tiva™ ARM® Cortex™-M4 MCUs, TI offers the broadest range of embedded control products.