Hercules TMS570 ARM® Cortex®-R
based MCUs

Simplify development of ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 and functional safety applications.

  • Herculean performance in a low cost tool
    Herculean performance in a low cost tool
  • Functional safety 4-part training series
    Functional safety 4-part training series

Hercules TMS570LS MCU 02x/03x/04x Hercules TMS570LS MCU 07x/09x Hercules TMS570LS MCU 11x/12x Hercules TMS570LS MCU 21x/31x Hercules TMS570LC MCU 43x






Core (in lockstep) ARM Cortex-R4 ARM Cortex-R4F ARM Cortex-R4F ARM Cortex-R4F ARM Cortex-R5F*
Core Freq 80MHz 100MHz – 160MHz 160MHz – 180MHz 160MHz – 180MHz 300MHz
Floating Point Unit no yes yes yes yes
Memory (w/ ECC)
FLASH 128KB – 384KB 768KB – 1MB 1MB – 1.25MB 2MB – 3MB 4MB
SRAM 32KB 128KB 128KB – 192KB 192KB – 256KB 512KB
100QFP yes yes no no no
144QFP no yes yes yes no
337BGA no no yes yes yes
Key Features
External Memory Interface no no yes yes yes
Ethernet/FlexRay no no yes yes yes
ISO 26262 ASIL D yes no yes yes no
IEC 61508 SIL 3 yes yes yes yes yes
Pricing from $4.72 (1ku) $9.56 (1ku) $12.26 (1ku) $14.28 (1ku) $38.45 (1ku)

*Cortex-R5F devices have 32KB of instruction and 32KB of data cache

High Performance

High performance ARM Cortex-R-based MCUs from 80MHz up to 300MHz with on chip features that prove a high level of diagnostic coverage.

  • Up to 300MHz ARM Cortex R CPU
  • LockStep CPUs - 1oo1D Safety Concept
  • CPU and Memory Built-In Self-Test (BIST)
  • ECC on FLASH and RAM
  • 16 channel DMA with 32 control packets
  • Up to two High End Timer (HET) coprocessors
  • Ethernet, FlexRay and CAN connectivity
  • Multi-buffered ADC and SPIs

Expansive Portfolio

Expansive portfolio of software and pin compatible products provide scalability to address a wide range of applications.

  • Price points from entry to top performance
  • CPU frequency from 80MHz up to 300MHz
  • Integrated flash memory from 128KB to 4MB
  • 100QFP, 144QFP and 337BGA pin compatible package options
  • Timers and 12bit ADC for motor control
  • Ethernet, Flexray, and CAN Connectivity
  • Automotive temp range (-40c to 125c)

Download Brochure (PDF, 4.9MB)
Expansive Portfolio