MSP low-power microcontrollers (MCUs) from Texas Instruments (TI) are mixed-signal processors that include smart analog and digital peripherals and offer a number of additional options such as low-power embedded RF and security features such as AES encryption. MSP microcontrollers offer the ultimate solution for a wide range of low-power and portable applications.

low power

Low power

  • Over 500 low-power MCUs
  • Lowest standby power: <500nA
  • Lowest active power: 95uA/MHz
  • FRAM: Lowest-power data storage

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on chip

On-chip integration

  • High-performance ARM-M4F options
  • High-performance analog
  • USB drivers
  • LCD controllers

Analog and Digital Peripherals

ease of use

Ease of use

  • LaunchPad Development Kits under $10
  • Multiple software development options
  • Free libraries and optimization utilities
  • Direct support available at

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Ideal in applications where the majority of the microcontroller life is spent in standby. The latest FRAM microcontrollers offer unique system advantages with unified memory, unlimited endurance and ultra-fast non-volatile writes.

The perfect choice for mostly ‘on' battery powered applications needing significant compute requirements. The new MSP432 microcontrollers in this family are 32-bit microcontrollers offering higher performance with a standardized ARM® core .

Lose power, not data, with revolutionary Compute Through Power Loss (CTPL) technology.

  • Enables instantaneous wakeup with system-state restoration after a power failure
  • Available for MSP430FRx MCUs