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MSP430 ultra-low-power sensing & measurement MCUs

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Our MSP430™ microcontroller (MCU) portfolio offers a wide variety of 16-bit MCUs with ultra-low-power and integrated analog and digital peripherals for sensing and measurement applications. MSP430 MCUs are supported by development kits, reference designs, software, training, documentation and online support to get you from concept to prototype to production quickly.

Value line & general purpose MCUs

MSP430™ MCUs as low as $0.25 in volume with wide range memory options from 0.5KB to 256KB. Integrated analog and digital peripherals include ADCs, DACs, OpAmps and LCD drivers.

Capacitive touch sensing MCUs

MSP430™ CapTIvate™ microcontrollers easily add low-power capacitive touch buttons, sliders and wheels to your MCU application. Reliably detect touch through plastic, glass and metal overlays in the presence of noise and moisture.

Ultrasonic & rotary flow sensing MCUs

System-on-chip MSP430™ MCUs for high-accuracy water, heat and gas flow measurement. Utilize integrated ultrasonic sensing front end and DSP capabilities with low-energy accelerator.

Introduction to MSP430 MCUs

MSP430 microcontrollers are built for sensing and measurement applications with ultra-low-power operation through:

  • Analog and digital peripheral integration to reduce system size and BOM
  • Innovative FRAM memory with lower active power operation
  • Online technical resources, training and support through our E2E™ support forum
  • Easy-to-use ecosystem of LaunchPad™ Development Kits

MSP430 FRAM microcontrollers

Value line & general purpose MCUs

Capacitive touch sensing MCUs

Ultrasonic & rotary flow sensing MCUs

Differentiated features

12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs)

Programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs)

Transimpedance amplifier (TIA)

Operational amplifiers (Op Amps)

320-segment LCD driver


CapTIvate technology with support for up to 64 buttons

Tune sensors in less than 5 minutes with CapTIvate Design Center

Less than 3uA wake-on-touch power

IEC61000-4 certified noise immunity

IPX5 certified moisture tolerance

Ultrasonic sensing analog front end

Low-energy accelerator

Extended scan interface    

320-segment LCD driver   

Metering test interface

Sensing & measurement features of MSP430™ MCUs

With the broadest sensing and measurement portfolio, MSP430 MCUs integrate analog and digital peripherals to reduce your BOM, ease design and improve performance. Functions range from ADCs, DACs, Op Amps, comparators and timers to more advanced peripherals such as capacitive touch and ultrasonic sensing.

Replace conventional buttons, sliders and wheels, with elegant touch sensing solutions resulting in improved system robustness and reliability in harsh environments.

A highly accurate and precise flow measurement with no moving parts delivers no wear and tear for longer operational life of water and gas flow meters.

Analog integration helps reduce external component count saving PCB area and simplifying layout while increasing flexibility with run-time configurability.

A low-power, 32-bit hardware engine designed for operations that involve vector-based signal processing such as FIR, IIR and FFT.

FRAM is a proven non-volatile memory technology that gives lower active power operation and 10^15 write cycles.

Featured applications

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