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DLP® automotive 0.3-inch 405nm digital micromirror device (DMD)



The DLP3034-Q1 automotive DMD is primarily targeted for transparent window display applications. This chipset can be coupled with 405-nm illumination sources (e.g. LEDs or lasers) in an optical projection system to project onto windows embedded with emissive phosphor films. When these transparent emissive films are excited with 405-nm light from a DLP3034-Q1 projector, the window becomes a display emitting light in the visible spectrum. In addition, this chipset enables high power optical systems with a wide dynamic range and fast switching speeds that do not vary with temperature.


  • Automotive qualified
    • –40°C to 105°C operating temperature range for DMD array
  • Supports 405-nm illumination sources
  • 0.3-inch diagonal micromirror array
    • 7.6-µm micromirror pitch
    • ±12° micromirror tilt angle (relative to flat state)
    • Side illumination for optimized efficiency
  • WVGA (864 × 480) resolution
  • Polarization independent spatial light modulator
    • Compatible with LED or laser light sources
  • Low-power consumption: 105-mW (typical)
  • Operating temperature range: –40°C to 105°C
  • Hermetic package with 2.5°C/W thermal efficiency
  • JTAG boundary scan to allow in-system validation
  • Compatible with the DLPC120-Q1 automotive DMD controller
  • 78-MHz DDR DMD interface

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Part number Order Display resolution (Max) Chipset family Component type Input frame rate (Max) (Hz) Array diagonal (in) Micromirror pitch (um) Operating temperature range (C)
DLP3034-Q1 Order now 864 x 480     DLP3034-Q1     DMD     60     0.3     7.6     -40 to 105    
DLP3030-Q1 Samples not available 864 x 480     DLP3030-Q1     DMD     60     0.3     7.6     -40 to 105    
DLP5530-Q1 Samples not available 1152 x 576     DLP5530-Q1     DMD     60     0.55     7.6     -40 to 105    
DLP5534-Q1 Samples not available 1152 x 576     DLP5534-Q1     DMD     60     0.55     7.6     -40 to 105