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DLP® Automotive 0.55“ Digital Micromirror Device (DMD)


Sample Availability

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The DLP5530-Q1 automotive DMD, combined with the DLPC230-Q1 DMD controller and TPS99000-Q1 system management and illumination controller, provides the capability to achieve a high performance augmented reality HUD. The 2:1 aspect ratio supports very wide aspect ratio designs, and the 1.3-MP resolution enables retinal limited displays to be achieved in HUD applications. The DLP5530-Q1 has more than 3 times the optical throughput of the preceding DLP3030-Q1 automotive DMD enabling wider field of view and larger driver eye box for enhanced user experience. This chipset, coupled with LEDs and an optical system, enables deep saturated colors of 125% NTSC, extremely high brightness of more than 15,000 cd/m2, high dynamic dimming ratio more than 5000:1, and high solar load tolerance. The DLP5530-Q1 automotive DMD micromirror array is configured for bottom illumination which enables highly efficient and more compact optical engine designs. The S450 package has low thermal resistance to the DMD array to enable more efficient thermal solutions.


  • Qualified for automotive applications
    • –40°C to 105°C operating DMD array temperature range
  • The DLP5530-Q1 automotive chipset includes:
    • DLP5530-Q1 DMD
    • DLPC230-Q1 DMD controller
    • system management and illumination controller
  • 0.55-inch diagonal micromirror array
    • 7.6-µm micromirror pitch
    • ±12° micromirror tilt angle (relative to flat state)
    • Bottom illumination for optimal efficiency and optical engine size
    • Supports 1152 × 576 input resolution
    • Compatible with LED or laser illumination
  • 600-MHz sub-LVDS DMD interface for low power and emission
  • 10-kHz DMD refresh rate over temperature extremes
  • Built-in self test of DMD memory cells

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Part number Order Display resolution (Max) Chipset family Component type Input frame rate (Max) (Hz) Array diagonal (in) Micromirror pitch (um) Operating temperature range (C)
DLP5530-Q1 Order now 1152 x 576     DLP5530-Q1     DMD     60     0.55     7.6     -40 to 105    
DLP3030-Q1 Samples not available 864 x 480     DLP3030-Q1     DMD     60     0.3     7.6     -40 to 105    
DLP3034-Q1 Samples not available 864 x 480     DLP3034-Q1     DMD     60     0.3     7.6     -40 to 105