Low power SoC w/ vision acceleration for ADAS applications

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* Datasheet TDA3x SoC for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) 15mm Package (ABF) Silicon Revision 2.0 datasheet (Rev. H) Feb. 04, 2020
* Errata TDA3x SoC for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) (SR 1.0, 1.0A) (Rev. F) Oct. 01, 2019
Application notes AM57x, DRA7x, and TDA2x EMIF Tools (Rev. E) Jan. 06, 2020
User guides TDA3x Technical Reference Manual (Rev. D) Jul. 29, 2019
Application notes TDA2x/TDA2E Performance (Rev. A) Jun. 10, 2019
Application notes TDA3xx Tester On Chip (TESOC) (Rev. A) Oct. 19, 2018
Application notes ECC/EDC on TDAxx (Rev. B) Jun. 13, 2018
Technical articles Smart sensors are going to change how you drive (because eventually, you won’t) Apr. 25, 2018
Technical articles AI in Automotive: Practical deep learning Feb. 08, 2018
Technical articles How to maintain automotive front camera thermal performance on a hot summer day Feb. 02, 2018
Application notes TMS320C66x XMC Memory Protection Jan. 31, 2018
Technical articles Development platforms pave the way to production systems for ADAS Jan. 19, 2018
Application notes DSS Bit Exact Output (Rev. A) Jan. 12, 2018
Application notes Flashing Utility - mflash Jan. 09, 2018
White papers Embedded low-power deep learning with TIDL Dec. 08, 2017
Application notes Optimizing DRA7xx and TDA2xx Processors for use with Video Display SERDES (Rev. B) Nov. 07, 2017
Application notes A Guide to Debugging With CCS on the DRA75x, DRA74x, TDA2x and TDA3x Family of D (Rev. B) Nov. 03, 2017
Application notes DSS BT656 Workaround for TDA2x (Rev. A) Nov. 03, 2017
Application notes Safety Features on VisionSDK Oct. 26, 2017
Application notes IISS Image Pipe for Alternate CFA Formats Aug. 16, 2017
Application notes Quality of Service (QoS) Knobs for DRA74x, DRA75x & TDA2x Family of Devices (Rev. A) Dec. 15, 2016
Application notes Quad Channel Camera Application for Surround View and CMS Camera Systems (Rev. A) Aug. 23, 2016
White papers Stereo vision- facing the challenges and seeing the opportunities for ADAS Jul. 19, 2016
Application notes ADC as Voltage Monitoring in TDA3x Jun. 20, 2016
Application notes TDA3xx ISS Tuning and Debug Infrastructure Jun. 02, 2016
Application notes ADAS Power Management Mar. 07, 2016
White papers Multicore SoCs stay a step ahead of SoC FPGAs Feb. 23, 2016
Application notes TDA3x Error Signaling Module (ESM) Jan. 26, 2016
White papers Surround view camera systems for ADAS (Rev. A) Oct. 20, 2015
Application notes Guide to fix Perf Issues Using QoS Knobs for DRA74x, DRA75x, TDA2x & TD3x Device Aug. 13, 2014
White papers TI Vision SDK, Optimized Vision Libraries for ADAS Systems Apr. 14, 2014
White papers TI Gives Sight to Vision-Enabled Automotive Technologies Oct. 16, 2013
White papers Empowering Automotive Vision with TI’s Vision AccelerationPac Oct. 13, 2013