TLV3691 Lowest Power, 0.9V to 6.5V, Small Size Comparator |

TLV3691 (ACTIVE) Lowest Power, 0.9V to 6.5V, Small Size Comparator


Recommended alternative parts

  • TLV7031  -  smaller package, cost-optimized push-pull comparator


The TLV3691 offers a wide supply range, low quiescent current 150 nA (maximum), and rail-to-rail inputs. All of these features come in industry-standard and extremely small packages, making this device an excellent choice for low-voltage and low-power applications for portable electronics and industrial systems.

Available as a single channel, the low-power, wide supply, and temperature range makes this device flexible enough to handle almost any application from consumer to industrial. The TLV3691 is available in SC70-5 and 1-mm × 1-mm DFN-6 packages. This device is specified for operation across the expanded industrial temperature range of –40°C to 125°C.


  • Low Quiescent Current: 75 nA
  • Wide Supply:
    • 0.9 V to 6.5V
    • ±0.45 V to ±3.25 V
  • MicroPackages: DFN-6 (1 mm × 1 mm), 5-Pin
  • Input Common-Mode Range Extends 100 mV
    Beyond Both Rails
  • Response Time: 24 µs
  • Low Input Offset Voltage: ±3 mV
  • Push-Pull Output
  • Industrial Temperature Range:
    –40°C to 125°C


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Part number Order Number of channels (#) Output type Vs (Min) (V) Vs (Max) (V) Propagation delay time (uS) Vos (offset voltage @ 25 C) (Max) (mV) Iq per channel (Typ) (mA) Input bias current (+/-) (Max) (nA) Rail-to-rail Rating Features Operating temperature range (C) VICR (Max) (V) VICR (Min) (V) Package Group
TLV3691 Order now 1     Push-Pull     0.9     6.5     24     15     0.000075     0.1     In     Catalog     Hysteresis
Small Size    
-40 to 125     6.6     -0.1     SC70 | 5
X2SON | 6