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Lowest Power, 0.9V to 6.5V, Small Size Comparator


Models (4)

Title Category Type Date
TLV3691 TINA-TI Reference Design (Rev. A) TINA-TI Reference Design TSC 07 Jun 2018
TLV3691 TINA-TI Spice Model (Rev. A) TINA-TI Spice Model ZIP 07 Jun 2018
TLV3691 Spice Model (Rev. A) Spice Model ZIP 07 Jun 2018
Comparator Over and Under Voltage Detection TINA-TI Reference Design TINA-TI Reference Design ZIP 01 Nov 2017

Reference designs

Low Power Wireless PIR Motion Detector Reference Design Enabling 10 Year Coin Cell Battery Life

The TIDA-00489 TI Design uses nano-power operational amplifiers, comparators, and the SimpleLink™ ultra-low power sub-1GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) platform to demonstrate a low power wireless motion detector implementation.  These technologies lead to an extremely long battery (...)

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Development tools (1)

Name Part# Type
SPICE-based analog simulation program TINA-TI Circuit Design & Simulation