10-V, 100-mA, Low Iq, Low-Dropout Linear Regulator

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* Datasheet Ultra Low-Power 100-mA Low-Dropout Line Regulators datasheet (Rev. E) Jan. 10, 2002
Technical articles Design a pre-tracking regulator, part 2: for a negative LDO Apr. 26, 2019
Technical articles How to make a simple nonmagnetic AC/DC power supply Mar. 17, 2019
Technical articles How LILO LDOs increase system efficiency Aug. 20, 2018
Technical articles LDO basics: capacitor vs. capacitance Aug. 01, 2018
Application notes LDO Noise Demystified (Rev. A) Aug. 09, 2017
Application notes LDO PSRR Measurement Simplified (Rev. A) Aug. 09, 2017
Radiation & Reliability reports TPS76901SDBVR Reliability Report Jan. 05, 2012
Design files Xilinx MGT Rocket I/O Power Supply Sep. 09, 2009
Application notes Ceramic Capacitors Replace Tantalum Capacitors in LDOs (Rev. A) Oct. 13, 2006
User guides DEM-SOT23LDO Demonstration Fixture User's Guide (Rev. A) Jun. 02, 2005
Application notes Optical Implementation Using IEEE-1394.b (Rev. A) Mar. 01, 2004
User guides TPS769xx SOT-23 LDO Linear Regulator Feb. 11, 2000
Application notes Powering the TMS320VC5402 DSP Using the TPS60100, TPS76918, and the TPS3305-18 Dec. 16, 1999