UCD90160A (ACTIVE) 16-Rail PMBus Power Supply Sequencer and System Manager with ACPI Support


Models (1)

Title Category Type Size (KB) Date Views
UCD90160 IBIS Model (Rev. A) IBIS Model ZIP 16 KB 10 Oct 2016 0 views

Design kits & evaluation modules (2)

Name Part# Type
Evaluation Module for UCD90xxx 64-pin Sequencer and System Health Monitor UCD90SEQ64EVM-650 Evaluation Modules & Boards
USB Interface Adapter EVM USB-TO-GPIO Evaluation Modules & Boards

Software (3)

Name Part# Type
Digital Power Software FUSION_DIGITAL_POWER_DESIGNER Application Software & Frameworks
UCD90xxx Voltage Margining Circuit Design Tool  (ZIP 88 KB )    28 Oct 2016  
UCD90160 BDSL  (ZIP 2 KB )    30 Apr 2013