IEEE 802.3at PoE High-Power PD Interface with External Gate Driver - TPS2379


IEEE 802.3at PoE High-Power PD Interface with External Gate Driver



The TPS2379 device is an 8-pin integrated circuit that contains all of the features needed to implement an IEEE802.3at type-2 powered device (PD) such as Detection, Classification, Type 2 Hardware Classification, and 140-mA inrush current limit during startup. The low 0.5-Ω internal switch resistance, combined with the enhanced thermal dissipation of the PowerPAD package, enables this controller to continuously handle up to 0.85 A. The TPS2379 integrates a low 0.5-Ω internal switch to allow for up to 0.85 A of continuous current through the PD during normal operation. The TPS2379 device supports higher-power applications through an external pass transistor. The TPS2379 contains several protection features such as thermal shutdown, current limit foldback, and a robust 100-V internal switch.


  • IEEE 802.3at Type-2 Hardware Classification With
    Status Flag
  • Auxiliary Gate Driver for High-Power Expansion
  • Robust 100-V, 0.5-Ω Hotswap MOSFET
  • 1A (Typical) Operating Current Limit
  • 140 mA (Typical) Inrush Current Limit
  • DC-DC Converter Enable
  • 15 kV/8 kV System-level ESD Capability
  • PowerPAD™ HSOP Package

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PD Power Level
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Error Amplifier
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PoE Standards Supported
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802.3at type 1/ type 2     802.3at type 1/ type 2    
850     850    
420     420    
No     No    
140     140    
802.3at Type 1 (802.3af)
802.3at Type 2
Non Standard    
802.3at Type 1 (802.3af)
802.3at Type 2    
8SO PowerPAD     8SO PowerPAD    
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