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Integrated Ethernet MAC & PHY

Simplify BOM cost and reduce design complexity with integrated ETH and wired connectivity options

  • Reduce cost with integrated Ethernet MAC & PHY
  • Get to market fast with a simplified board design
  • 2x CAN, 1x USB, crypto accelerators
connected cloud

Highly-connected industrial gateways

Bridge from existing designs to future-proofed systems

  • Connect more sensors with 20+ serial interfaces
  • Gateway security with AES/SHA crypto accelerators
  • Seamlessly add wireless and cloud connectivity

100% code reuse across sensors and gateway

Develop a wireless Ethernet gateway leveraging the same code base as smart sensor nodes

  • 100% code reuse across SimpleLink Platform
  • SimpleLink Academy helps developers ramp quickly

Integrated MAC and PHY:

A traditional Ethernet-enabled system is built around an external PHY requiring numerous passives and other components.

The MSP432E4 MCUs integrates the Ethernet PHY, substantially reducing board space dimension, power consumption and system cost.  It also includes hardware assist for IEEE1588 precision time protocol (PTP) support.

Up to 91% BOM and assembly cost savings by removing a number of external and passive components. 

Up to 93% PCB board space saving, even after taking into account external transformer & ESD protection. 

Up to 76% in active and up to 74% standby power savings.

Reduced system noise via eliminating crystal and external signals, improving signal margin and easing routing constraints and design complexities.

Increased reliability through MAC&PHY integration and minimizing number of potential points of failure in the system.

Accelerated time-to-market through simplified design, faster implementation and troubleshooting. 

SimpleLink Gateway to Cloud

Combine a rich set of wired communications with wireless connectivity to connect from the end node to the cloud by bridging from existing designs to future-proofed systems. With a breadth of integrated communication peripherals and Sub-1 GHz, Wi-FI and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connectivity via SimpleLink SDK plug-ins, MSP432E4 ethernet MCUs make designing industrial gateways easy.

Connect more sensors

Connect more sensors and control more actuator edge nodes without sacrificing price, performance, or power consumption. Peripherals include integrated ETH MAC & PHY, 8x UARTs, and 10x I2Cs.

Add intelligence to the gateway

Ample computing power and accelerators for an industrial embedded control gateway to aggregate, filter, and analyze sensor data prior to cloud communication.

Connect to the cloud

Seamlessly and securely (with SSL/TLS) connect your wireless networks to the cloud using a variety of IoT platforms with the SimpleLink Cloud Plugins. 

Build a gateway in 3 steps

We make it easy to build an intelligent gateway with the SimpleLink Ethernet MSP432E4 MCU.  It’s a complete solution with hardware, software and cloud partners.

Get started with SimpleLink gateway to cloud: