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Gallium nitride (GaN): pushing performance beyond silicon

Maximize power density and reliability with our portfolio of GaN devices for every power level

We provide gallium nitride (GaN) power devices and easy-to-use modules that meet next generation system requirements and our high standards of quality and reliability.

High power density & efficiency

GaN technology enables double power density of silicon designs and reduced switching losses by 80%, increasing system efficiency.


Our family of GaN devices integrate GaN FETs, with high speed drivers and built-in protection into one package. Optimized layout provides an easy to use solution.


Our GaN is backed by over 20 million hours of device and system reliability testing. High-speed over-current and over-temperature protection give designers the confidence to design with GaN.

What is GaN?

Revolutionizing power engineering
Gallium nitride, or GaN is revolutionizing the power engineering world by enabling high-speed, increased efficiency, and higher power density never before possible with silicon MOSFETs. 
GaN’s inherent lower gate and output capacitance enable MHz switching frequency operation while reducing gate and switching losses to increase efficiency. Unlike silicon, GaN naturally lacks a body diode, which eliminated reverse recovery loss and further increases efficiency and reduces switch node ringing and EMI.  

GaN power gallium nitride solution board

Integration for maximum performance
Our family of GaN solutions integrate high-speed gate driver, EMI control, over temperature, and over current protection with 100-ns response time. Integrated devices offer an optimized layout to minimize parasitic inductance, maximized dv/dt immunity (CMTI), and reducing board space.  
Wide portfolio offers an easy to use solution to unlock the full benefits of GaN technology for almost every application. 
gan power integration

GaN power integration

Confidence in device and system level reliability
We are an industry leader in semiconductor technology, with longtime experience in bringing reliable semiconductor products to market. With GaN technology qualified through accelerated 20 million device reliability hours of in-application hard switching testing, our GaN gives engineers confidence of device and system level reliability.

Featured gallium nitride (GaN) reference designs

98.7% efficient 1 MHz CrM GaN PFC reference design

This PFC design offers 270W/in^3 power density and 98.7% peak efficiency while switching at 1 MHz. The 2-stage interleaved 1.6 kW design is ideal for many space constrained applications such as server, telecom, and industrial power supplies. 

48V/10A 3-phase GaN inverter design for high-speed motor drive

This design enables low voltage, 100 kHz drives and low inductance brushless motors to minimize losses, torque ripple in the motor and achieving efficiency of 98.5%. 

200V AC 3-phase GaN inverter design for servo drive

This 98% efficient design for driving 200-V AC servo motors up to 2 kW, enables low-inductance motor drive with minimum current ripple for fine position controlled applications. 

Companion portfolio

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