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Gallium nitride (GaN): pushing performance beyond silicon

Maximize power density and reliability with our portfolio of GaN devices for every power level

Our family of gallium nitride (GaN) FET with integrated gate driver devices offer the most efficient GaN solutions, lifetime reliability and TI’s supply chain and cost advantage.

The most efficient & reliable GaN

TI's integrated approach to GaN offers ease of design with a compact single-chip solution, high efficiency due to optimized gate drive layout and high reliability with integrated overcurrent protection and 30 million hours of device reliability hours. With devices from 150 mΩ to 50 mΩ, we have a GaN solution for every application. 

TI GaN advantages

GaN is revolutionizing the power engineering world by enabling high-speed, increased efficiency and higher power density never before possible with silicon MOSFETs. 

GaN’s inherent lower gate and output capacitance enable MHz switching frequency operation while reducing gate and switching losses to increase efficiency. Unlike silicon, GaN naturally lacks a body diode, which eliminates reverse recovery losses and further enables new, high-density topologies such as totem-pole PFC, LLC and ACF. 

What is TI GaN

Twice the speed, half the losses

TI GaN’s integrated driver enables switching speed of >100 V/ns – resulting in half the losses compared to discrete GaN FETs. This, combined with our low-inductance package, delivers clean switching and minimal ringing in every power application. Other features, including adjustable gate drive strength for EMI control, over-temperature and robust overcurrent protection, provide optimized BOM cost, board size and footprint.


GaN Switching Performance

Lifetime reliability

TI is a leader in the GaN reliability space, with over 30 million device reliability hours for our GaN devices with a <1 FIT rate for 10-year lifetime. In addition to our intrinsic reliability tests, we subject our GaN to the harshest switching environments for in-application stress testing and have converted over 3 GWHrs.


TI supply chain & cost advantage

Our internal GaN-on-silicon process leverages our existing TI process technology nodes providing several inherent supply chain and cost benefits. Unlike other wide bandgap technologies that are built on non-silicon substrates, such as SiC or sapphire, TI’s GaN-on-silicon process utilizes our 100% internal manufacturing facilities for fab, assembly and test, thus leveraging internally-owned capacity and maximized product quality. 

TI’s ability to leverage silicon substrates to grow GaN epi also provides a definitive cost advantage over less commonly used substrates such as SiC or sapphire. The cost of silicon substrates has been optimized over years of production and uses a relatively low cost method for making silicon boules.  

Map of TI manufacturing operations


Power trends

Power management is at the center of enabling the continued integration of electronics in our lives. For decades, TI has been at the forefront of developing new process, packaging and circuit-design technologies to deliver the best power devices for your design. Check out our featured GaN devices below, designed to help you address power density.

GaN FETs with integrated driver & protection for power density

GaN FETs have inherently superior performance over traditional silicon FETs, which is enabling engineers to push the boundary in power designs and reach new levels of power density and efficiency. From consumer applications such as AC/DC power supplies all the way up to multi-kW, three-phase converters – GaN is reducing the weight, size and cost of these power designs while also reducing energy consumption. GaN’s high-speed switching is changing the way power systems look today, enabling market trends such as ultra-thin power supplies, motor drive integrated robotics and achieving >200% more power density in next-generation datacenters and 5G rectifiers.


600-V 50-mΩ GaN FET power stage with integrated driver and protection


600-V 70-mΩ GaN with integrated driver and protection


600-V 150-mΩ GaN with integrated driver and overcurrent protection


Companion products


C2000™ microcontrollers enable you to create more efficient and reliable high power systems. Powerful processing and premium actuation capabilities designed for high-frequency power applications

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You're in the right place. From drivers to controllers, we enable you to do more with less power with end-to-end power conversion devices that deliver high efficiency, power density and reliability.

Featured gallium nitride (GaN) reference designs

98.7%-efficient 1 MHz CrM GaN PFC reference design

This PFC design offers 270W/in^3 power density and 98.7% peak efficiency while switching at 1 MHz. The 2-stage interleaved 1.6 kW design is ideal for many space constrained applications such as server, telecom and industrial power supplies. 

48V/10A 3-phase GaN inverter design for high-speed motor drive

This design enables low voltage, 100-kHz drives and low inductance brushless motors to minimize losses, torque ripple in the motor and achieve efficiency of 98.5%. 

200V AC three-phase GaN inverter design for servo drive

This 98%-efficient design for driving 200-V AC servo motors up to 2 kW, enables low-inductance motor drive with minimum current ripple for fine position controlled applications.