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Simplify your isolated DC/DC design

Our portfolio of isolated bias supplies and modules, and isolated power converters are comprised of high-density integrated-FET converters and integrated-transformer modules to reduce your power supply BOM count and simplify your isolated DC/DC design. Transformer drivers with external transformers can provide a simple isolated power solution. To achieve the best combination of flexibility and power up to 20 watts, look to the primary side regulated (PSR) flyback and Fly-Buck™ converter portfolios that can be optimized for performance with an external transformer. To achieve the most ease-of-use in isolated power supply in applications requiring less than three watts, select an integrated-transformer module to further reduce design time and complexity and get to market faster.

Integrated transformer

Isolated DC/DC converters in thin, small surface mount packages with integrated transformers. These solutions have various levels of power, isolation and regulation.

External transformer

Isolated DC/DC converters with integrated FETs and external transformers for flexible, moderate to higher power applications. Topologies include flybuck, flyback and push-pull transformer drivers.

Featured products


500-mW, 5-kVRMS reinforced isolated DC/DC converter with integrated transformer enables ultra-small form factor isolated power supply designs with low-EMI from a 4.5 to 5.5-V DC power supply.


4.5V to 65V primary-side regulated flyback DC/DC converter with 100-V, 1.5-A integrated power MOSFET and ±1% total output regulation accuracy


Designed for small form factor isolated power supplies, these low-noise, low-EMI push-pull transformer drivers drive low-profile, center-tapped transformers from 2.25- to 5-V DC power supply

What is our integrated transformer technology? 

Our newest isolation technology miniaturizes isolated power transfer with ultra-low EMI for high-density DC/DC power conversion.

The IC-sized, single-package, surface-mount devices gives designers an easy-to-use solution with low height, reduced BOM and improved temperature performance. The EMI-optimized transformer and quiet control scheme streamline EMI compliance while providing a reliable solution with reinforced or basic isolation.