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DDR memory type DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR3L, DDR4, LPDDR2, LPDDR3 Iout VDDQ (Max) (A) 25 Iout VTT (Max) (A) 3 Iq (Typ) (mA) 0.8 Output VDDQ, VREF, VTT Vin (Min) (V) 3 Vin (Max) (V) 28 Features Complete Solution, Shutdown Pin for S3 Rating Catalog Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 85 open-in-new Find other DDR memory power ICs

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HTSSOP (PWP) 20 42 mm² 6.5 x 6.4 VQFN (RGE) 24 16 mm² 4 x 4 open-in-new Find other DDR memory power ICs


  • Synchronous Buck Controller (VDDQ)
    • Wide-Input Voltage Range: 3.0-V to 28-V
    • D−CAP™ Mode with 100-ns Load Step Response
    • Current Mode Option Supports Ceramic Output Capacitors
    • Supports Soft-Off in S4/S5 States
    • Current Sensing from RDS(on) or Resistor
    • 2.5-V (DDR), 1.8-V (DDR2), Adjustable to
      1.5-V (DDR3), 1.35-V (DDR3L), 1.2-V (LPDDR3 and DDR4) or
      Output Range 0.75-V to 3.0-V
    • Equipped with Powergood, Overvoltage Protection and Undervoltage Protection
  • 3-A LDO (VTT), Buffered Reference (VREF)
    • Capable to Sink and Source 3 A
    • LDO Input Available to Optimize Power Losses
    • Requires only 20-µF Ceramic Output Capacitor
    • Buffered Low Noise 10-mA VREF Output
    • Accuracy ±20 mV for both VREF and VTT
    • Supports High-Z in S3 and Soft-Off in S4/S5
    • Thermal Shutdown

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The TPS51116 provides a complete power supply for DDR/SSTL-2, DDR2/SSTL-18, DDR3/SSTL-15, DDR3L, LPDDR3 and DDR4 memory systems. It integrates a synchronous buck controller with a 3-A sink/source tracking linear regulator and buffered low noise reference. The device offers the lowest total solution cost in systems where space is at a premium. The synchronous controller runs fixed 400-kHz, pseudo-constant frequency PWM with an adaptive on-time control that can be configured in D-CAP™ Mode for ease of use and fastest transient response or in current mode to support ceramic output capacitors. The 3-A sink/source LDO maintains fast transient response only requiring 20-µF (2 × 10 µF) of ceramic output capacitance. In addition, the LDO supply input is available externally to significantly reduce the total power losses. The device supports all of the sleep state controls placing VTT at high-Z in S3 (suspend to RAM) and discharging VDDQ, VTT and VTTREF (soft-off) in S4/S5 (suspend to disk). The device has all of the protection features including thermal shutdown and is offered in both a 20-pin HTSSOP PowerPAD™ package and 24-pin 4 × 4 QFN.

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Technical documentation

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Type Title Date
* Datasheet TPS51116 Complete DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3 and DDR4 Power Solution Synchronous Buck Controller, 3-A LDO, Buffered Reference datasheet (Rev. J) Nov. 16, 2017
Application notes DDR VTT Power Solutions: A Competitive Analysis (Rev. A) Jul. 09, 2020
Selection guides Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) Jun. 25, 2018
Selection guides Control-Mode Quick Reference Guide (Rev. A) Sep. 14, 2017
Technical articles Design advantage of D-CAP control topology Apr. 13, 2017
Technical articles D-CAP3 – A sequel better than the original May 07, 2015
Technical articles Power Tips - DDR memory is everywhere! Mar. 01, 2014
Technical articles Automotive electronics design made easy Jul. 18, 2013
More literature Computing DDR DC-DC Power Solutions Aug. 22, 2012
Application notes Intel Core i3, i5, i7 [Arrandale] Reference Design Jul. 21, 2010
Application notes Intel EP80579 Tolopai System-on-Chip Reference Design Jul. 21, 2010
Application notes Pwr Ref Design f/'C6472 12-Vin Digital Pwr Controllers and LDOs Apr. 28, 2010
Application notes Power Two Xilinx(TM) LX240 Virtex-6(TM) Devices Apr. 20, 2010
Application notes Power Ref Design for TMS320C6472 5Vin DC/DC Converters (1x C6472) Mar. 31, 2010
Application notes 'C6472 12Vin Flexible Pwr Design Using DCDC Controllers and LDOs (8x C6472) Mar. 26, 2010
Application notes Power Reference Design for the 'C6472, 12V DCDC Controllers, and LDOs Mar. 26, 2010
Application notes TMS320C6472 5V Input Pwr Design, Integrated FET DC/DC Converters and Controllers Mar. 26, 2010
User guides Using the TPS51116 (Rev. A) Nov. 12, 2008
Application notes Cyclone™ III FPGA Starter Kit Power Reference Design Mar. 27, 2008
Application notes DDR2 Power Solutions for Notebooks May 24, 2004

Design & development

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Hardware development

document-generic User guide

The DM38x Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM) enables developers to start immediate evaluation of the DM38x Digital Media Processors and begin building digital video applications such as IP security cameras, action cameras, drones, video doorbells, car digital video recorders and other digital (...)

  • DM388 digital media processor-based development board with 2Gb DDR3
  • Video capture and output of NTSC or PAL signals via component I/O
  • HDMI video output
  • CSI2 and parallel camera input
  • PCIe, SATA 2x, ethernet 2x, USB x2, audio, SD-card slot
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The TPS51116EVM evaluation module (EVM) is a dual-output converter for DDR and DDRII memory modules. It uses a 10 A synchronous buck converter to provide the core voltage (VDDQ) for DDR memory modules. The EVM is designed to use a 4.5 V to 28 V supply voltage and a 4.75 V to (...)

  • Up to 85% efficiency on the VDDQ switching regulator output
  • Dual switching regulator / LDO output for both DDR core and termination voltages
  • ± 3 A sink/source termination voltage LDO regulator
  • 10 mA termination reference voltage for DDR input reference
  • User selectable DDR and DDRII or externally referenced (...)

Design tools & simulation

SLIM076B.ZIP (101 KB) - PSpice Model
SLUM166.TSC (224 KB) - TINA-TI Reference Design
SLUM167.ZIP (58 KB) - TINA-TI Spice Model

Reference designs

Complete Power Solution for DDR or DDR2 Memory Applications
PMP1516 This DDR reference design provides a VDDQ of 2.5V @ 6A and a VTT of 1.25V. The 2.5V sync buck converter achieves an efficiency of 92% while the 1.25V minimizes area by implementing a built-in LDO and has excellent tracking performance.
document-generic Schematic document-generic User guide
Altera Cyclone III FPGA Power Management Reference Design
PMP2543 The Cyclone III power management design is a complete, non-isolated power solution and provides all 5 required rails for powering the FPGA. The design also includes complete power solutions for DDR Memory VTT and VDDQ rails and USB power. This design is optimized to power the Altera 3C25F324 starter (...)
document-generic Schematic document-generic User guide
Design files
Single Chip DDR3 Supply using the TPS51116
PMP3130 — PMP3130 uses the TPS51116 to generate a DDR3 supply for VDDQ and VTT. The VDDQ supply is generated from single cell lithium ion battery to 1.5V at 4A using a synchronous buck converter. The VTT supply is generated using a LDO from 1.5V to 0.75V at up to 3A load current. The TPS51116 is designed to (...)

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