Automotive PPAP FAQs

Automotive PPAP FAQs

What is a PPAP?

PPAP, or Production Part Approval Process is an industry-standard process defined by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) for submitting product information to customers in the automotive industry and obtaining customer approval to ship products.  TI will provide PPAP documentation to any customer purchasing products “Qualified for Automotive Applications” in the TI product datasheet.  For more information, refer to AIAG PPAP Manual 4th Edition.

What products can TI provide PPAPs for?

ACTIVE products which are qualified for automotive applications.  TI provides PPAP documents for a single, specific Orderable Part Number.

PPAP are intended for customers who have designed a TI automotive product into their application and who follow the PPAP according to automotive industry requirements.

How can I request a PPAP from TI?

You may request PPAP documentation here.

How long does it take for TI to provide a PPAP after submitting a request?

You can expect to receive level 1 PPAP documentation within the same day and requests for higher levels in 10 to 15 days, depending on the specific request.

What information do I need to start a PPAP request?

  • TI Orderable Part Number
  • Customer Part Number (if needed)
  • PPAP Level
  • Customer IMDS ID (if IMDS declaration is needed)
  • TI PCN number, available at the top of the PCN letter you received from TI (if requesting a PCN PPAP)

How many times can I request a PPAP?

Only one request may be submitted for each TI part number (or customer part number).  However, at any point prior to approval, you may modify a PPAP request by clicking the “request changes” from your PPAP overview page.  Please note that once approved, PPAPs are locked and unable to be modified.

Can I request a L1 PPAP and subsequently a higher level PPAP?

You may modify the PPAP level requested at any time prior to approval.

I approved a PPAP by mistake. What can I do now?

Please submit a request to TI’s Customer Support Center, indicating the PPAP request number you would like to retract approval for.  TI will review your case and determine if it is possible to retract the approval.  Please note that PPAP approval is irrevocable after 7 days or after orders have been received by TI – whichever is earlier.

How can I see my pending PPAPs?

You can see all your PPAP requests by visiting the PPAP request portal.

Who can approve a PPAP? 

You may approve any of the PPAPs requested by you, and any TI employee may approve on your behalf based on verbal or written communication.

TI requires PSWs delivered via to be reviewed and approved within 21 days.  Change requests also need to be submitted to TI within this period.  If your PSW is not approved within 21 days, it will be system approved on your behalf.  In addition, placement of orders will constitute approval of the latest PSW provided prior to order placement.

I have started a PPAP request, but I’m not ready to continue. What options do I have?

The PPAP request form is quick and easy – less than 10 inputs are required.  TI encourages users to review the required information prior to starting a PPAP request.

Other questions? Contact TI Customer Support.