DRA821 system-on-module




The J7200XSOMG01EVM system-on-module—when paired with the J721EXCP01EVM common processor board—lets you evaluate the DRA821 processor for networking applications throughout automotive and industrial markets. These processors perform particularly well in industrial and automotive gateway and edge compute applications, where software-as-a-service models are deployed.

The integrated diagnostics and functional safety features are targeted to ASIL-D/SIL-3 certification requirements. The integrated microcontroller (MCU) island eliminates the need for an external system MCU. The device features Gigabit Ethernet ports with an integrated TSN switch to meet networking use cases that require heavy data bandwidth and also includes PCIe hub functionality. CAN-FD and up to UART interfaces are available on the device. General purpose Arm® Cortex®-R5F subsystems can handle low level, timing critical processing tasks and leave the Arm® Cortex®-A72’s unencumbered for advanced applications.

The EVM is supported by our processor SDK, which includes foundational drivers, compute kernels, and example application frameworks and demonstrations that show you how to take advantage of the powerful, heterogeneous architecture of Jacinto 7 processors.

  • DRA821 (J7200) processor
  • Mates with the Common Processor board (SOM and CP are needed for base EVM functionality)
  • Optimized power solution (PMIC)
  • DRAM, LPDDR4‐3733, 4GByte total memory, support inline ECC
  • xSPI NOR flash, 512Mb memory (8bit)
  • HyperFlash + HyperRAM, 512Mb flash memory + 256Mb RAM

  • 16GB micro SD card

Arm ベースのプロセッサ
DRA821U 4 ポート イーサネット スイッチと 1 個の PCIe スイッチ搭載、デュアル Arm Cortex-A72 とクワッド Cortex-R5F 採用、マルチコア DSP DRA821U-Q1 車載対応、デュアル Arm® Cortex®-A72 とクワッド Cortex-R5F と 4 ポートのイーサネット スイッチと PCIe 搭載、ゲートウェイ SoC


マルチチャネル IC (PMIC)
LP8764-Q1 車載対応 SoC 向け、4 個の 5A 出力、または 1 個の 20A 出力を供給するマルチフェーズ降圧コンバータ PMIC TPS6594-Q1 車載対応、5 個の降圧レギュレータと 4 個の低ドロップアウト (LDO) レギュレータ搭載、2.8V ~ 5.5V、パワー・マネージメント IC (PMIC)
ダウンロード 字幕付きのビデオを表示 ビデオ
Important note

J7200XSOMXEVM is a prototype evaluation module and is available in limited quantities.




Develop with Linux/HLOS on DRA821


Develop your gateway and networking applications with DRA821




J7200XSOMG01EVM — DRA821 システム・オン・モジュール

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