Wireless connectivity

SimpleLink Wi-Fi® solutions

Optimized for the IoT with low power and advanced security features

Easily connect to the cloud with TI’s CERTIFIED® single-chip, Arm® Cortex®- M4 wireless MCUs (SoCs) and network processors.  This all-in-one portfolio of devices enables a new world of connected applications that demand low-power consumption with the added flexibility of cloud integration and advanced security features

Wi-Fi SoC

Industry’s first Arm Cortex-M4, dual-core wireless microcontroller (system on chip).

  • Application dedicated 256 KB RAM
  • 1 MB application-dedicated flash available
  • Enhanced security capabilities
  • Optimized for low power
  • Easy to design with QFN package

Wi-Fi network processors

Low-power network processor that handles all Wi-Fi and internet connection networking.

  • Easily connect and control with MCU of choice
  • Embedded TCP/IP and SSL/TLS stacks
  • Built-in HTTP server and Crypto Engine
Wi-Fi modules

Wi-Fi modules

Accelerate design cycles with certified wireless MCU and network processor modules.

  • FCC, IC, TELEC, SRRC and RED (CE) certified
  • Pin-to-pin compatible single chip
  • Enhanced security features
  • Available with or without antenna

Comprehensive end-to-end security

SimpleLink Wi-Fi devices offer a wide range of built-in security features, without any processing burden on the main MCU, allowing you to create highly secure wireless and cloud connected applications.

The security features span a wide variety of activities typical throughout the product life cycle, including networking activities, data storage, IP protection, cloning protection, and provisions for security during production. These integrated security features are made available through an ecosystem that incorporates simple and concise APIs, tools, and documentation.

Security features

Secure storage
  • File encryption
  • File authentication
  • Access control
  • SW tamper detection

Protect software IP

  • Clone protection
  • Secured programming
  • Secure file system
  • Secure boot

Over the air update

  • Secure content delivery
  • Certificate catalog store
  • Bundle protection
  • Reset to factory default

Cloud connection

  • Hardware device identity
  • Secure sockets
  • Domain name verification
  • TI root of trust public key

Smart low-power Wi-Fi devices for the IoT

Get the cloud connectivity you need while achieving overall lower energy consumption with the power optimized SimpleLink Wi-Fi devices.
  • Power-optimizing network learning algorithm
  • 2-AA batteries that can last multiple years


Switchable power profiles

Always connected
  • Wake up host from network activity
  • 135 µA low power deep sleep (LPDS) mode while maintaining connection
  • Set the desired sleep time between beacons using the LSI policy

Intermittently connected

  • Wake up network processor from host when ready to transmit data
  • 4.5 µA hibernate mode
  • Conserve more power by disconnecting from the server and entering hibernate mode in between transactions

Transceiver mode

  • Wake up to send customized packets periodically without connecting to AP
  • 4.5 µA - Hibernate mode or 1 uA shutdown mode
  • Fast sequence of wake up, transmit and re-hibernate

Simple development with Wi-Fi ICs

Ramp to production in 6 months with pin-to-pin compatible devices, leveraging the innovative SimpleLink MCU Platform.

  • Proven interoperability with more than 200 access points
  • FCC, IC, TELEC, SRRC and CE certified modules
  • Common core SDK with 100% code portability across the SimpleLink devices
  • Code examples
  • Reference designs

IoT cloud partners

TI’s SimpleLink Wi-Fi SoC products enable developers to quickly and reliably connect to the cloud utilizing a variety of qualified software solutions

This allows developers to focus on designing differentiated applications for everyday users, saving time, effort and cost during development

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Featured Wi-Fi applications

Wi-Fi thermostats application


Low power smart thermostat with sensors to enable secure remote monitoring and cloud connectivity.

Wi-Fi smart lock application

Smart lock

Create and manage electronic key access at any time, anywhere with fast connection to the cloud.

Design a Wi-Fi video doorbell with optimized cloud streaming and enhanced security.