Logic – Standard logic

As the world leader in logic, TI offers a full spectrum of logic functions and technologies including BiCMOS, bipolar, and the latest advanced CMOS families. TI offers the most advanced logic technology while still maintaining support for traditional logic products.


TI is your source for gate ICs, including OR, AND, NOR, NAND and others.

Buffer / Driver / Transceiver

Select from inverting or non-inverting buffers along with parity, registered or standard transceivers.

Flip-Flop / Latch / Register

Access our selection of D and J-K flip flops, latches, and registers.

Switch / Multiplexer / Demultiplexer

High-performance, low-power replacements for standard bus-interface devices.

Backplane Logic

TI's backplane logic portfolio can provide voltage translation among GTL driver, TTL driver, and other logic types.

Universal Bus Function

TI's universal bus function portfolio can help you complete your project.