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Buffers, drivers & transceivers

Enhance signal integrity in your system

Resolve common drive strength and high capacitive line issues with our portfolio of more than 700 inverting (inverters) and noninverting buffers. Included are open-drain, 3-state and Schmitt-trigger device options available in 1-32 channel drivers. Buffers for high-performance clocking applications can be found in our clock buffers portfolio.

Featured products 


Automotive octal buffers and line drivers with 3-state outputs and Schmitt-trigger inputs


Automotive 6-channel, 2-V to 6-V low power inverters with Schmitt-trigger inputs


Automotive octal bus transceivers with Schmitt-trigger inputs and 3-state outputs

Common applications of buffers, drivers & transceivers

Learn how to overcome common challenges by utilizing logic devices to aid in optimizing system design.

Our eight Logic Minute training video series cover a wide range of topics relating to common applications of buffers and inverters.