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Enhance signal integrity in your system

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Resolve common drive strength and high capacitive line issues with our portfolio of more than 1100 inverters, buffers, and general-purpose transceivers. Included are open-drain, 3-state and Schmitt-trigger device options available in 1 to 32 channel drivers. Buffers for high-performance clocking applications can be found in our clock buffers portfolio.

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Clock buffers

Find buffers for high-performance clocking applications.

General-purpose transceivers

Automotive octal bus transceivers with three-state outputs

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.286

Inverting buffers & drivers

Automotive single 4.5-V to 5.5-V inverter with Schmitt-trigger inputs

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.091

Noninverting buffers & drivers

Enhanced product eight-channel 2-V to 5.5-V buffers with tri-state outputs

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.76

Inverting buffers & drivers

Automotive single 2-V to 5.5-V inverter with Schmitt-trigger inputs

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.083

General-purpose transceivers

1.2-V to 5.5-V, octal bus transceiver with 3-state outputs in space enhanced plastic

Noninverting buffers & drivers

Automotive eight-channel, 2-V to 6-V buffers with tri-state outputs

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 0.299

Key benefits of our buffers, drivers, and transceivers portfolio


Industry’s broadest portfolio

Meet all of your logic needs with our broad portfolio of 1100+ inverters, buffers, and transceivers


Optimized for next generation controllers

Enabling today’s cutting edge microprocessor technology 


Qualified for the latest industry standards

Testing and manufacturing to meet quality requirements for automotive, space, military, and industrial. 


Industry’s smallest package

Maximize board space and increase density with the industry’s smallest packages

Common applications of buffers

Eliminate slow or noisy input signals

Sometimes slow or noisy signals are unavoidable in a system. This video discusses some of the specific issues seen when connecting a slow or noisy signal into a CMOS input, and what can be done to eliminate those signals.

Generate a reset signal at system power on

Some systems require an initialization pulse. This is commonly generated by the system controller, however many systems need the initialization prior to the controller's startup, or they may not have a controller at all. In these cases, a simple circuit can provide the required pulse with no programming required.

Technical resources

Video series
Video series
Common applications of buffers, drivers & transceivers
Our eight Logic Minute training video series cover a wide range of topics relating to common applications of buffers and inverters.
Application note
Application note
Drive Transmission Lines With Logic
This product overview includes design considerations to consider to improve signal integrity.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
Application note
Application note
Redrive Digital Signals
System controllers can have weak output drive strength and thus cannot be used to directly transmit over relatively high capacitance signal lines. A logic buffer can be added to reduce loading and improve signal integrity.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF