Why choose TI DLP® technology?

TI DLP® technology is best known for Scientific and Technical Award®-winning* DLP Cinema® products, the world’s leading digital cinema technology, wowing nearly 10 million moviegoers every day of the year. Beyond the cinema, DLP technology features innovations, such as DLP BrilliantColor™ and DLP IntelliBright™, ensuring sharp, long-lasting and precise color images in classrooms, homes and businesses.

With distinct advantages over nearly every other display platform, DLP technology is the preferred choice for consumer and professional products from the largest event venues to the smallest hand-held projectors. Not only a leader in consumer projection, DLP technology is redefining industrial, medical, telecom, security and many other applications.

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Every day, decision makers are choosing DLP technology.

  • Long-lasting, accurate color – and we have an Academy Plaque to prove it
  • Only technology that can enable the world's smallest projectors and light up the largest movie screens over 100 feet
  • Great image quality with proven high reliability, low power consumption and low cost of ownership
  • DLP technology often allows developers to deliver improved performance with unique technical capabilities, a reliable supply chain and an extensive support infrastructure
Advantages of DLP technology for projectors
The world’s leader in display technology

DLP technology innovations

The long history of first to market innovations, such as digital 3D and multi-point touch interactivity, started when Texas Instruments established the DLP Products division in 1993. DLP Products is committed to developing innovative, best-of-class technology for products ranging from the first iPod docking device with built-in DLP Pico™ projector to the Pittcon Gold Editor’s Award-winning DLP NIRscan™ evaluation module for the field of spectroscopy.

To unleash the unlimited possibilities, our world-class digital technology also empowers leading electronics manufacturers, scientists, and engineers to develop innovative products from the world’s brightest, laser-based IMAX® digital projectors to proven solutions for measuring and sensing. The highly programmable and flexible technology continuously enables breakthrough development in consumer, medical, industrial and automotive applications ranging from mobile projection to optical sensing and DNA synthesis.

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DLP technology is everywhere

TI’s DLP technology is highly flexible and enables a diverse range applications for industrial, automotive, enterprise, medical and consumer market segments. DLP technology uses microscopic mirrors, which represent a pixel. For example, a typical 1080p projector has 1920 pixel columns and 1080 rows. It’s amazing and hard to imagine, but there are over 2 million micromirrors so tiny that one pixel is one-fifth the width of a human hair. Wherever an amazing visual experience is demanded, you'll likely find TI's highly versatile DLP technology at work. Leading display electronics manufacturers around the world trust the technology. And, you can too.

DLP technology is much more than the #1 projection technology, DLP technology is everywhere. Since DLP display technology uses an optical semiconductor to digitally manipulate light, the DLP chip is also found in embedded applications such as 3D scanning, spectroscopy, machine vision, and medical applications. Since 1996, DLP Products has shipped more than 40 million systems to hundreds of customers. Will you be the next customer?

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Are you an engineer or developer?Are you an engineer or developer?

The incredibly flexible DLP technology is finding ways to innovate beyond traditional display applications. Developers are using the DLP chip to solve real world problems for industrial, security, medical and even automotive applications that require advanced light control intelligence. There is no stopping where DLP technology will go next.

TI provides free design files, user's guides, and datasheets to explore and develop with DLP technology. What will you create? Kick off your design with flexible, easy-to-use DLP evaluation modules (EVMs) and detailed reference designs. To download application notes, schematics, sample source code and more, please click on the button below.

Engineers & developers

* 2014 Academy Award® of Merit (Oscar® statuette) to Larry Hornbeck for the invention of the digital micromirror technology as used in DLP Cinema projection.

Guess how many markets TI DLP technology is used in?

About TI DLP Products Infographic

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Fun facts about TI DLP technology

Fun facts about TI DLP technology

Did you know you are watching DLP technology in major sports events?

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