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Overview for Display & Projection

Vivid, crisp display solutions based on DLP Cinema® technology for a wide range of applications

We are here to help you choose the right display solution for your application. DLP technology brings vivid, crisp images to every form factor and brightness requirement. Learn about the DLP Advantages here. DLP Pico chipsets are designed for display applications that demand small form factor and low power consumption. DLP Standard chipsets are designed for display applications that demand high brightness and excellent color and high contrast. Both DLP Pico and DLP Standard chipsets can provide resolutions of up to 4K UHD. 

DLP solutions

Read more about the DLP chipset portfolio and find the right solution for your display application. 

Pico chipsets

Explore the pico portfolio for designing compact and ultra-mobile display solutions delivering excellent image quality.

Standard chipsets

Search the standard portfolio when developing larger display products requiring bright, high resolution chipsets and additional system design flexibility.

Find a display & projection chipset that best fits your design needs

Get started with DLP Projection technology

Learn about DLP technology brightness and related system tradeoffs.

This series of videos covers everything about DLP products, from the basics of the technology to application-specific design challenges.

Learn the basics of the technology with this getting started white paper.

Explore off-the-shelf optical module options to continue your development and help accelerate your time to market.