TI DLP® technology for business and government

Leading the way in today’s office and conference rooms

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses, governments and organizations are always looking for innovative tools to develop better communications through collaboration and learning.

Nothing beats a big screen presentation! TI DLP® projectors offer advantages, such as high native contrast, long-lasting precise color, and affordable 1080p to improve communications and ensure your team is on the same page. Whether you’re presenting in a large conference room or in your office with an ultra-portable DLP Pico™ projector, your presentation will be of the highest quality with DLP technology.

Why choose DLP technology for business and government?

  • High contrast ratios for outstanding readability
  • Vibrant colors and long lasting picture quality
  • Wide selection of projectors for all rooms sizes
  • Long lasting lamp free technology - rated for over 20,000 hours of use
  • Video and data in full 1080p HD
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) - lower maintenance and operating costs with lamp free models
  • Ultra short throw projectors for big projections in tight spaces
  • Ultra-portable and battery-powered projectors allow for projections almost anywhere
  • And much more
DLP technology  for business and government
Projectors for offices and conference rooms

Wide selection of projectors

DLP technology is used in a wide selection of projectors for different types of rooms and applications. With projectors for large or small conference rooms, corporate events, smartphones, tablets and more, DLP technology has your projection need covered. Enhance your presentations and provide a reliable tool for everyday use for your organization with projector powered by DLP technology.

Unlike other displays, such as a flat panel TV, DLP projectors are extremely portable and capable of projecting images greater than 100 inches on any surface. Businesses and governmental departments can simplify training and hold meetings for hundreds of attendees with DLP projectors. With hundreds of models supporting various resolutions, throw distances, connectivity and interactivity options, you’re guaranteed to find the right projector with the right resolution.

Learn more about the wide range of business and government projectors that use DLP technology.