TI DLP Cinema® products

The world’s leading digital cinema imaging technology – used in more than 8 of 10 movie theatres 1

Scientific and Technical Award®-winning* TI DLP Cinema® technology delivers the ultimate moviegoing experience, projecting crystal clear and lifelike images in 2D and 3D for the ultimate in picture quality. Unlike movies shown on film projectors, DLP Cinema technology delivers a true digital picture with incredible clarity and vibrant colors every show, every day for the entire run of engagement.

DLP Cinema technology eliminates color fading, jump and weave, scratches and dirt accumulation which are common problems that plague film presentations. DLP Cinema technology offers a consistent image without degradation over time. With DLP Cinema projection, moviegoers can see a movie in its original pristine condition, exactly the way the director intended it, whether they see it during the first or fifth week of the run.

DLP Cinema 4K chip lights up the biggest screens

DLP Cinema 4K for screen sizes up to 105 feet wide
DLP Cinema 4K for screen sizes up to 105 feet wide

The largest premium format cinema screens in the world often use DLP Cinema 4K technology. Cinema projectors powered by DLP Cinema 4K chips are ideal for theatre screens up to 105 feet wide and 3D screens up to 80 feet wide. If you’re watching a movie at an IMAX® or premium large format theatre, you’re most likely watching DLP Cinema 4K.

Discover the DLP Cinema 4k advantages

  • The brightest and most energy efficient 4K digital cinema projector in the world.2
  • Patented DLP Cinema chip projects over 35 trillion DCI accurate colors for an amazing experience.
  • See every little detail in the shadows - exceeds DCI contrast ratio specification.
  • All the light. All the pixels. All the time. For the brightest 3D experience.
  • Designed to easily install inside or outside any projection booth.
  • The lightest 4K digital cinema projector available; weighs less than 250 pounds.
DLP Cinema 4K
The brightest and most energy efficient 4K digital cinema projector in the world.2

Reliability counts

DLP Cinema projectors allow theatre management to focus on creating a better customer experience instead of worrying about the presentation. After years of successful deployments and over 119,000 screens worldwide, DLP Cinema technology delivers a picture perfect presentation every showing while offering the lowest operating cost.

DCI compliance

All DLP Cinema 2K and 4K projector models from Barco, Christie and NEC with the next generation DLP Cinema electronics platform meet DCI compliance for established image quality, color accuracy and security.

Ask your Digital Cinema projector manufacturer about the advantages of DLP Cinema technology and experience what reliable digital cinema can do for your business. Your customers and your technicians will love it.

DLP Cinema S2K chip - economical, DCI compliant digital cinema to smaller screens

DLP Cinema products developed the S2K chip for smaller movie theatre screens of up to 10 meters (35 feet). The S2K chip meets DCI specifications for security and color accuracy, allowing independent theatre owners, art houses and cinemas in emerging markets to economically convert to digital cinema. For unsurpassed reliability, performance and the most options in resolution and pricing, make the right choice – DLP Cinema products – the leader in digital cinema.

DLP Cinema portfolio of products

DLP Cinema portfolio of products
Best premium cinema experience for screens from 10 to 105 feet wide (3 to 35 meters)3

* 2014 Academy Award® of Merit (Oscar® statuette) to Larry Hornbeck for the invention of the digital micromirror technology as used in DLP Cinema projection.

1 Source: Theatrical Distribution List
2 Depending on auditorium variables such as screen gain, lamp age, geometry, etc.
3 Check with your DLP Cinema licensed partner for specific light output and screen size specification.

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